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Arua Central Division MP Atima Lee Donates new coaster to voters, turns West Nile into PLU dominant region

By Nathan Ngobi

Atima Lee Jackson Buti the Arua central Division member of parliament who is also the west Nile regional coordinator for PLU is set to paint Arua yellow come 26th April 2024  as all walks of life  would gather witness the official inauguration of PLU as well as he hands over the community bus to his voters.

Atima Lee is the West Nile regional parliamentary whip who extended his invitation to Hon. Hamson Obua Denis the Government chief whip to grace the function as the chief guest   while special guests include the new PLU chairman Mike Toyota , the minister for youth and children affairs who is also the  PLU coordinator western region Balaamu Barugahara Ateenyi,  MP Lilian Abel and PLU coordinator for Acholi sub region among others.

According to MP Atima Lee while speaking to The Second Opinion told us that several dignitaries from West Nile, Acholi, Lango, Kampala and all other regions of Uganda are expected to attend.

The community bus

According to Atima Lee Buti revealed that transport is so hard in areas of west Nile and Arua in particular and during the 2021 parliamentary campaigns his voters asked him to provide with them a community bus so that it could help ease on transport.

“You know while looking for votes I realised that there was a gap and need for transport to help my people connect with other places in West Nile like Koboko, Zombo, Yumbe, Ajuman among others, as most youths would use tricycles (Tuku tuku ) commonly known as Rakisa in West Nile to go attend sports  events, burials and other community functions” Atima narrated.

He said that because most people live below the poverty level, they can not afford to hire buses and instead about 15 to 20 people are carried on a three-tyre tricycle from Arua city to Zombo, Koboko, Yumbe, Ajuman and Pakwach and as it runs at a very high-speed risks the lives of the people.

He said that when the voters asked him for a bus after sending him to parliament, he decided to save his salary up to a tune of 150M which he used to procure a coaster community bus that could now help the voters.

“I will officially hand over the community bus to my voters of Arua central city division before a mammoth crowd and this is going to help even the civil servants who for a long time have been suffering with transport while carrying out exchange visits with other regions and districts like Jinja, Mbale, Kampala among others.

Atima called upon the community to organise a better management team that would man the community bus and as they hire it out the dividends would work as a revolving project to buy another car which in turn would create jobs for the youths.

Museveni’s bus pledge

During one of the presidential campaigns while traversing West Nile region, the people of Arua asked president Museveni for a bus to help them on transport since their area has a big number of youths involved in sports activities but transport is a big problem.

There are many football clubs in West Nile like the Onduparaka, Arua city, and many others that helped West Nile to win the FUFA drums trophy last year but transport of teams become expensive and hard.

According to some voters who spoke to this media house the president promised to give Arua city a bus but up to now nothing yet has been yielded.

They say that the president gave Lango and Acholi buses but West Nile region was left out and therefore still demands.

PLU in West Nile

Atima Lee Buti the PLU West Nile regional coordinator together with woman member of parliament Joan Okia have massively mobilised people to grace the April 26th 2024 function at Arua city ground where the area Arua city central Division MP will hand over the community bus and at the same time crowds embrace the new political pressure group the PLU in West Nile region.

“I want our people to embrace PLU , accept  and support it because that is the way to go for the future of this country, PLU will move to solve the problems of unemployment among the youths, as they are set to create jobs , fight corruption and amplify on the stability of the Ugandans,”  MP Atima told this media house.

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