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Bubulo East MP Musila in trouble over defamation


John Musila the Bubulo East Member of Parliament (MP) is in trouble over alleged defamation after his longtime rival Mbale RCC Ahamed Washaki resorted to seek court redress to tame the legislator’s mouth.

“My lawyers of Mukhwana and Company Advocates  on  spent the whole Wednesday at parliament hunting for MP Musila to serve him with my intention to sue  but he (Musila ) kept on dodging them but still we shall proceed and serve him through the media and later parade him before court” Washaki told The Second Opinion publications.

He said that MP Musila while during the launch of GIVE DIRECTLY project in Bududa  on 26th August 2022 by the prime minister the  Rt. Hon, Robina Nabanja , defamed him(Washaki) by saying that the money which  the prime minister  gave to the victims of Mbale floods did not reach out to the beneficiaries.

According to Washaki he was given 10M by the prime minister and  all the money was given out,  he has evidence of those who received it  but to his shock MP Musila told a huge gathering  in the presence of the prime minister that the beneficiaries did not get the money and there is need to investigate the RCC ,  Musila’s remarks aimed at destroying my names before the public and the prime minister  which annoyed me  and therefore resorted to seeking court redress against MP Musila,  Bitter Washaki pointed out.

“When my lawyers hunted for Musila at parliament and failed they were told to serve him through the clerk to parliament who in turn referred them to the speaker, who later clarified that she receives matters of criminal offenses not civil cases” Washaki told this media house.

I want Musila to do a public apology before a gathering, media conference and pay 265m cash or else I teach him the books of law in Uganda, Washaki noted.

What MP Musial said :-

During the launch of GIVE DIRECTLY  MP Musila told the gathering before the prime minister Robina Nabanja that , we were told that you gave some simple gifts possibly of 10 or 15million , I have come here with a message , Rt. Hon. Prime minister , the people of Mbale city  are complaining that you must handed  that money over  to either RCC or RDC whatever , investigate if the money has not reached the people, these maverick people are just too dangerous and these are the people who make our Government be blamed left to right.

Musila’s remarks are captured on a video recording but in attendance was the Mbale RCC Washaki Ahamed.

Intention to Sue:-

In an intention to sue, Mukhwana and co. Advocates who addressed Washaki as their client tasked MP Musila to carry out a public apology on top of paying their client 250m cash in damages and 16m for lawyers.

“We put it to you that the above utterances made by you are false, frivolous and fictitious. The impugned utterances have impaired and or reduced the image of our client in the eyes of the right thinking members of the society. These defamatory statements have put our client to immense contempt and ridicule, mantle torture and physical agony and loss of family honor due to the endless contacts by several persons inquiring about the same” read parts of the notice of intention to sue MP Musila.

Our Instructions are to demand, as we hereby do, for an apology in writing to our client and also do a publish the true and correct facts on radio stations or public gatherings with the same prominence with which you had uttered the above statements, the apology to be made within seven days without fail the intention to sue read further in parts.

Musila speaks out:-

However when we contacted MP Musila over the matter he did not refuse uttering those statements but vowed and threatened to take the matter further to the floor of parliament should Washaki  risk with  court  redress against him.

“It is on record I said it and before  his presence though he was not invited at that function  but should he risk taking me to court I have a lot about him he will suffer more and more because many people are complaining about him over a lot of things including land grabbing” Musial  told The Second Opinion Publications.

Asked him why he dodged receiving the intention to sue MP Musila replied that he never refused to receive and sign any document from the lawyers.

I attended parliament and am heading home now no one came to parliament looking for me, those are tricks of Washaki or were lied to by his lawyers that they came but are available and ready to receive their documents and then take on their man seriously.

Genesis of Washaki and Musila rivalry

John Musila was the district LCV chairman for Manafwa district while Washaki was the RDC of the same district and one Wednesday Morning during COVID 19 pandemic the two nearly traded blows over who had powers over effecting a presidential directive on social distance,   

 This, over accusations of flouting the Presidential directive on COVID-19 pandemic.

“Musila had turned up at the district offices to open the district service commission offices to allow receiving of job applications for vacancies in the district. However, no sooner had he attempted to open it than the RDC Washaki stormed the place to forcefully lock it. This caused bitter exchanges that went on physically,” an eyewitness said.

According to the RDC Washaki , Musila was contravening the presidential directive on the coronavirus pandemic where he ordered for no more public gatherings.

He vowed to deal with Musila unless he respects and implements the presidential directive.

However, on his part Musila said that his Local Government needs a lot of human labor in different sectors and that the district had for long planned to receive applications.

Receiving them, he said, could not be a public gathering.

He vowed to go to police and open up an assault case against the RDC Washaki as a person.

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