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Bugisu Gay goes missing, Wanted

The Chairman of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) in Bugisu sub region,Mr Tom Wanendeya , has gone missing  following reports of threats to nab him by security in Uganda.

Mr wanendeya, according to witnesses, was threatened by an unknown person in plain clothes.

Ms irene Namono,a family member,  said that they have checked  all areas they suspected he could be but in vain.

“I’m told he got some threats because of being a gay. He has been receiving some threats from unknown people believed to be Government security operatives. We suspect he may have gone into hiding,”Ms Namono said.

Another source disclosed to this media house that Mr Wanendeya went into hiding to an unknown place.

A close friend who requested not to be named for fear of his security revealed that Mr. Tom came up openly as a gay and had started recruiting several youths into LGBT as opposed by the Government of Uganda.

By press time the whereabouts of Tom were not known but The Second Opinion publication learnt that a rampant search had been mounted by security operatives and police in Uganda to arrest him and be subjected under intensive interrogations.

 “I don’t have any information yet but I am still searching. I have not forgotten about you … when I get the details, I will get back to you,”one of his family members told us. 

A family source further said that her brother might have left the country for his safety. 

Some reports indicate that ( TOM WANENDEYA ) could be out of the country safety while others intimated that he could be hiding in an unknown location  for business. Efforts to get from Mr WANENDEYA were futile as his known telephone number was off by press time.

Ms Harriet Nelima, a close friend, said his phone can’t go through.

“We have tried reaching him but in vain. We trust God and we pray that he is alive ,”Ms Nelima said.

A Close family source who requested not to be named in the story due to the sensitivity, said that her brother might have left the country for his safety. 

A police source in Kampala Uganda told this media house that it is true Tom Wanendeya is on the top wanted list of gays in the country.

“Tom is wanted for crimes originating from practicing gay and once we get him, he must answer several charges” a police source told us.

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