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Busoga: I’m impressed by the level of officers’ competence – AIGP Kasingye

The Chief Political Commissar of the Uganda Police Force AIGP Asan Kasingye has said he is impressed by the operations of officers in Busoga East, North and Kiira policing regions.

“I’m impressed by the level of competence. They have been able to deliver irrespective of the fact that they have challenges,” AIGP Kasingye said Wednesday. 

The CPC team is currently in Busoga and are carrying out a rectification campaign exercise geared at improving services rendered by the Police to members of the public.

AIGP Kasingye says the purpose of the tour is to rally the police to make sure that they change their ways which have not been good in some aspects and improve their service.

The team is also listening to concerns of officers especially challenges affecting policing. The team will then communicate some of expectations from top management. 

AIGP Kasingye says the police in Busoga are doing their work, despite some challenges.

According to AIGP Kasingye, some of the challenges the team has noted include logistics like vehicles while some don’t have permanent stations.

They are in rented premises, AIGP Kasingye said.

On top of these, there is the challenge of welfare facilities like Police clinics in some stations.

“There’s no health centre II,” he noted.

However, AIGP Kasingye said the force is going to make sure that all the medical facilities are put in place and Police officers as well as their families are able to treat themselves there.

“We also have welfare challenges in terms of education for children of police officers. Some have issues to do with household incomes and that’s why we implore them to join our exodus Sacco so as to get subsidized loans,” AIGP Kasingye added.

AIGP Kasingye says the emphasis on the tour is discipline. He says some of the operational mistakes as a result of indiscipline.

To this, the team urged commanders to be exemplary, mentor and monitor the discipline of officers.

On the issue of corruption, AIGP Kasingye says the officers have been warned. Its either they avoid corruption or they face the disciplinary committee and subsequently get dismissed from the force.

Explaining the need for the tour, AIGP Kasingye said it helps the police top management to be able to deploy the officers.

“We judge their strengths, weaknesses and recommend for training (those that don’t measure up) and also recommend for placement (those who have shown that they can perform). In short this visit is helping us to reorganize the force by making sure that all the structures are working effectively,” he explained.

He added: “Lastly, we are emphasizing community policing for the police to be able to go out of their offices and build partnership with members of the public. I want to implore the officers to work harder. The future of every police officer lies in working hard. We may not have all the resources but leadership is about decision making and also trying to find out ways and means of achieving something even when with little resources.  I want to assure them that police headquarters are now more organized. We shall reward those who are ready for rewards. We shall promote those who must be promoted and we understand there are officers who need to be helped in order to perform and we are ready for that. Be patriotic, nationalistic, ideologically grounded and leave issues of corruption and other tendencies.”

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