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Check out rare medical conditions you did not know existed

Here are rare medical conditions that you might not know existed.

From Mermaid babies to two faced humans here are conditions that have amazed many.


This is a condition in which an individual develops two s3x organs.

Diphallia only affects about 1 out of every 5–6 million baby boys.

2.Double uterus

In 2006 Hanna Kersey broke medical history after she gave birth to triplets ,twins were in one womb while the fraternal child was in the other womb.

3. Double faced

Many might not know this but there is a condition where one can be born with an  extra face on the back of his head.

Edward Mordrake was one such man who had two faces, literally.

4. Siremonia

This is a condition in which one is born with legs fused together which makes one look like a human mermaid.

One such person to have been born with such a condition is Shiloh Pepin. She was born without a uterus, bladder and large intestines.

5. Ambras

This is a condition which causes hair to grow on all parts of the body inclusive of face, ears, legs etc.

Supatra Sasuphan is currently the world’s hairiest girl in the Guinness World Book of Records.


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