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City Socialites Call For Boycott On Uber Over Assault

By Francis Otucu

City socialites Nana Kagga and Elizabeth Pamela Achaye have taken to social media calling for a boycott on Uber, after they two were allegedly harassed by the driver.

The campaign to boycott Uber follows a reported attack on the two last Friday in Industrial Area near Namuwongo.

According to Achaye, it was minutes after 1am when the driver stopped midway the journey, and started threatening them after they protested against what he was showing.

“Immediately we got in, the driver proceeded to turn on a video of Kakande allegedly performing miracles.  I politely asked him to turn it off and replay it when we have exited his taxi. He acted deaf until Nana reiterated the same.  Then, he proceeded to deliberately drive the car at snail speed on a traffic-less morning. Again, I raised my concern. Again, he acted deaf until Nana assured him of her knowledge of their taxis to slow the drive and charge more,” Achaye wrote.

She said the driver’s acts irritated them and in the ensuing melee he told them they were not ‘his ideal customers’ and that he will not continue the ride.

Further, Achaye said their tormentor called and was then joined by another man, and the two descended on Nana, flogging her.

“He is threatening to beat us and do all manner of harm to us at this point. I step out of the car in time to see him dial a number on his phone. He opens his boot and brings out a sinister looking coiling wire which he starts to brandish. Nana is having none of this and calls to question his alleged love for Christ and joke of an attempt to evangelize us,” Achaye explained.

She added: “At this point, there is a building confrontation between Nana and this monster. The new driver proceeds to carry Nana towards his car -abduction style…The second monster removes a Nkoni from his car. Yes, a nkoni and begins flogging Nana. I step in to intervene between attempts at negotiation. But not in time to prevent this herdsman’s rod from connecting with the side of Nana’s face.  She begins to shut down. I heard something pop. She states in that moment that she thinks something has broken in her ear. These monsters immediately enter their cars and speed away.”

Achaye revealed that upon reporting the matter to Uber, the driver’ was instead ‘disowned’.

“Uber erased the ride from their system when Daniel reported. But he had already documented the ride and phone calls.  The very next night, someone close to us was almost attacked in a similar way by another Uber driver. She jumped out of the car in time. Another guy is still hospitalized from an Uber attack. There are many similar reports circulating of being attacked by Uber drivers. Dear Ugandans, let us boycott them until they can guarantee our safety,” she said.

The matter, according to Achaye, is before the police.

We could not independently verify whether the matter is before police.

However, in a telephone interview last night, Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire, said Uber cannot be held liable for individual acts.

“I have not heard of any matters recorded against Uber. However, if it was the driver, then Uber cannot not be held liable but an individual,” he said.

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