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In trouble: Fr. Olaboro

Catholic priests bitter over Fr. Olaboro’s continued misconduct as Osukuru community up in arms against the errant man of God

 By Nathan Ngobi

The high court in Tororo has finally set a date for Tororo’s diocese Catholic priest Rev. Fr. Centurio Olaboro appears in the dock to answer charges of allegedly grabbing the family land.

The man of God who is in charge of peace and reconciliation at Tororo archdiocese Rev. Fr. Centurio Olaboro was dragged to court  with his school Great Aubrey Memorial College by his little brothers and sister Okedi David Omuse , Omoding Jethero and Akoth Agnes respectively accusing him of taking their late father Omuse Benard’s land where he established a school without giving them their shares as beneficiaries of the late dad.

Fr. Olaboro armed with documents in court

In a civil suit No. 024  of 2023  the high court at Tororo set  03rd October 2023 as the day when Rev. Fr. Centurio Olaboro would appear in the dock to answer why he opted to take the family land without giving the beneficiaries their share.

In one of his communications to the family members Fr. Olaboro indicated on the document that he hides a lot in the priesthood and that he made a will already kept somewhere an issue that scared those who dragged him to court saying that if the man of God opted for priesthood why has he entangled in grabbing the family land to the extent of making a will in whose favor?

Speaking to our reporter Okedi David Omuse said that after dragging Olaboro to court, his defense lawyer Enock Kayondo wrote back claiming that the case was dismissed long ago at Mbale high court and therefore there is need to reinstate it in Tororo.

Petitioner: Okedi David Omuse

However, M/S Ekirapa the nonsense lawyer from Tororo rubbished their claims on ground that the said case was dismissed without being heard, an indication that the complainants were not given a ground to be heard before the ruling.

Details about their court battle can be accessed here on this publication’s documents.

Catholic priests bitter over Olaboro continued misconduct

Following our subsequent reports and investigations on Olaboro several catholic priests have come up bitterly to attack the person of Olaboro over what they called  his alleged continued misconduct in the catholic faith.

Rev. Fr. Steven from Namisindwa who served at Nyangole with Fr. Olaboro told us that it gives a bad image to the Catholic church whenever they read about Olaboro’s bad stories.

“I worked with Olaboro at Tororo archdiocese. I know him in and out but most of the times people need to change , when he was  recalled by the late archbishop Lote without deployment matters were over misconduct”Fr. Steven told us.

He said that as a church they are fed up seeing a clergyman in wars yet he would be preaching peace as his current position at the archdiocese indicates.

We shall produce a full interview with Fr. Steven over whom does he know about olaboro later.

On the other hand Fr. Omita also scoffed at Olaboro saying that his characters portray a person of a non-believer.

“If all the time you are in publication for the bad then what time do you serve God for the good , if you can not respect your own family , take their land what about outsiders” Fr. Omita asked.

He said that during his time at Nyangole he one time had a bitter exchange with olaboro over many issues some of which we shall expose in our continuous reports.

The man of God  talked bout some incidents that happened at Crystal Hotel in Tororo  that we shall also authoritatively  bring out later.

Families want DNA tests on children

Meantime sections of the Omuse family feel that a DNA test would be carried out on some children who were brought and grew up in the family to ascertain the rightful biological parents.

A family member who never wanted to be disclosed told us that they all secretly supported the  court battles against Olaboro and if  the Okedi group wins then all the 15 children of Omuse Benard would get their shares.

The source added that they are also secretly mobilizing to have a DNA test on some children who were brought and grew up in the family without knowing their rightful biological parents.

Steven Omuse claims ownership of Great Aubrey College.

In a document making it on social waves Steven Omuse whom Okedi David follows allegedly wrote that he began Great Aubrey school himself from his sweat.

“I resigned from my Government job to come and open up Great Aubrey school from my own sweat and no one should play with it” Read parts of Steven Omuse’s communication.

However, his young brother Okedi David Omuse the chief petitioner in achieving to get the shares of their late father Omuse Benard rubbished the claims as useless with no ground.

“We all know the truth of how, who and when the school begun, which money did Steven have to build such a school, he resigned as a secondary school teach long ago where did he get the money to start a huge school and on whose land is the school   built then how old was, he when the school started and when did he left school to start teaching? All those were questions raised by Okedi.

He said that the good thing is that he did not sign the document to make it authentic , otherwise he could be part of the case where we are claiming a share for our late father’s land.

Okedi said that the issue at hand is to try to divert us from the direction but good enough we have all the documents signed by Olaboro and we know the right direction to take.

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