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January 13, 2021
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January 13, 2021
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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! I Can’t Share Power with M7 – Bobi Wine

National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine is the main challenger to President Yoweri Museveni in the elections slated for tomorrow. According to the musician-turned-politician, he does not fathom ever sharing power with incumbent President Museveni, regardless of the outcome of the 2021 presidential election.

Bobi Wine spoke exclusively to Nathan Ngobi of The Second Opinion and below are excerpts of the telephone interview.

SO: The opposition is mooting an idea where it is said, they will seek intervention to force the government to share power, with the opposition getting 30% in the deal, what is your take on the matter?

Bobi Wine: Power sharing how? It is not provided for in the Constitution of Uganda; such alliances worked in Kenya but here the winner takes it all and I cannot risk or waste time sitting with brutal oppressors to share power amicably after Ugandans have decided to give me victory. That is total disregard to the wish of the people of Uganda who, for a long time, were agitating and voted for change and instead I subversively cut short their will? I will be a traitor and betrayer of the people’s cause. The people’s cause is a total political change in Uganda, not about sharing power. You remember the 2000 Kenya election skirmishes after the parties failed to agree? The late UN Secretary General Kofi Anan mediated between the political camps of Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga because they have political options for alliances. But in Uganda the occupants (sic) of power are referred to as the Alfa and Omega and think that they have everything to determine the power and mercy of Ugandans. The police and army are politically partisan and use coercive force against the opposition but we as NUP shall not share power with such a regime. We will take it all when we win the Jan 14 polls.

SO: If you do not share power what will happen with members of Museveni and his regime?

Bobi Wine: First of all, Ugandans have signed a covenant to throw away the oppressors come 14th Jan 2021, but to me they are worried about their ill-gotten wealth. I have the list of all top government officers including the sitting president, those who stole from URA like Dicksons Kateshumbwa (Katesh); Global Fund money like Mike Mukula and Kamugisha; the list is big and those ones will face arrest. We will also confiscate their wealth and sell it off to recover the taxpayers’ money. The money accruing from the sale will be put under the Consolidated Fund to benefit all Ugandans. Once the people of Uganda decide and they have already decided that Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu is the next President of the Republic of Uganda, nothing will be in favor of Museveni. I watched Museveni in his New Year’s message, the body language intimidating and scaring us (the opposition) that if things go bad it would compel him going back to the bush. But at this time we are no longer scared about his threats because at this point Museveni cannot afford acquiring power through the bush (method), which took him five (5) years when he was still energetic. We are determined to grab power and defend the will of the people; Article One of our Constitution states that power belongs to the people and that is why we use the people power slogans because we want the people to retain their power. So, threats against the will of the people can never work.We shall not change our minds, the people’s will can reclaim their power. In fact, unlike before, you are aware that now they fear to detain me. This is after they tested the might of the two days people’s will. So, these days they arrest me and take me back to my home but all that will have an end.

SO: Is there a ;Plab B’ and if so, when would it be applied? And what is in that plan?

Bobi Wine: No no no ‘Plan B’ is purely Besigye so ask Besigye about it; he is in charge because for us we are peaceful agitators for change. But Besigye declared ‘Plan B long ago and whatever is stipulated in that plan is well-known to Dr. Besigye. But what I know and can say is that there is a specific period of time given by the Constitution to announce the results of the presidential election. So, when that period elapses without Justice Simon Byabakama announcing the right results then that is when Ugandans will wake up to demand and reclaim their people power peacefully.At this point the people will be seen to possess the real people power, asserting their power. I think that is when Dr. Besigye’s Plan B will come in. Here one cannot undermine the conspiracy theory that people can use force, emulating the bush war men right from the inception. Ours though is a civil engagement; no negotiations and Museveni must accept defeat.

SO: Supposing you lose the election will you accept defeat?

Bobi Wine: You man Nathan… which school of journalism did you go to? How can you say that I will lose when all Ugandans have decided? Look, you cannot impregnate a woman and when she is about to deliver (a baby) you go to a carpenter to make orders for a small coffin instead of buying clothes and other presents for the new born child. At this time Ugandans both in rural and urban areas; elites and the uneducated; the poor and rich and those living in the ghettos and bungalows have declared Museveni as a former president, who is set to hand over power to me by May this year. We are in a two horse race, me and Museveni, and the rest are donkeys chasing us.

SO: Any message to Ugandans as they go for the first scientific polls this week?

Bobi Wine: Ugandans, the time is now to deliver victory for change and to reclaim people power rights. Wake up tomorrow and vote for NUP at all levels so that we defeat the dictator Mr. Museveni. I salute all and appreciate your support.

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