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FITSPA: Housing Finance Bank moves to revolutionize fintech in Uganda

Mr. Micheal Mugabi (Managing Director, Housing Finance Bank) speaking to the bank’s customers during the forum.

In a pivotal step towards fostering innovation and collaboration within Uganda’s financial services sector, Housing Finance Bank proudly announces its membership to the Financial Technologies Services Providers’ Association (FITSPA), an independent, nonprofit organization representing Uganda’s local fintech community and global fintech institutions operating in the country.

This strategic move positions Housing Finance Bank to engage with over 200 industry members, embarking on a journey to co-create cutting-edge solutions that leverage technology to deepen access to banking services at a time when over 80% of customer transactions with the bank are occurring through mobile and online banking platforms.

Additionally, Housing Finance Bank’s decision to join FITSPA comes at a time when financial technology continues to rapidly shape the development and delivery of financial solutions on the back of advancements in mobile and internet penetration that have increased the adoption of digital payments and online financial services while enhancing business efficiency and effectiveness.

Michael Mugabi, Managing Director at Housing Finance Bank, expressed the motivation behind this decision, stating, “As Housing Finance Bank, our decision to join FITSPA signifies a commitment to embracing a future where innovation, collaboration, and cutting-edge technology converge to redefine the landscape of financial services that we operate in. This membership provides a collaborative platform to incubate, refine, and implement technologies that exceed our valued customers’ expectations and lead them closer to sustainable home ownership and financial independence.”

FITSPA’s collaborative ecosystem now becomes a dynamic playground for Housing Finance Bank to explore, refine, and implement technologies that align with its mandate as well as that of the Government of Uganda through catalysing the development of Uganda’s financial services industry that accelerates inclusive socio-economic growth towards attaining the desired middle-income status.

This move places Housing Finance Bank at the forefront of the fintech revolution in Uganda, paving the way for a future where technological innovation and collaborative spirit redefine the banking experience for customers in line with its strategic goal of enhancing customer satisfaction to 90% by 2027.

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