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Future homes designed for work and play

By Erika Sirimanne

The shift in focus from selling products to providing services, alongside rising internet connectivity has transformed the work world. Changing gender roles, growing female labour force participation and the rise of two working parents and single-parent families has made flexible work, including working from home, necessary in today’s world. Besides working, consumers will use technology to cook, entertain, clean, garden, socialise, exercise and relax in their Multifunctional Homes in the future.

Digitalisation enables Multifunctional Homes. Heading out to a restaurant to socialise has in some situations been replaced by video chats with friends, while online food delivery apps, such as Deliveroo, bring food to your front door. Even those consumers interested in flexing their culinary skills can turn to smart induction cooktops, such as Hestan Cue, for precision cooking. At the same time, autonomous robotic lawn mowers trim the grass, while smart sprinklers track the weather and water the flowers in the garden. Even as spaces decrease in size and millennials and Generation Z reside in apartments in urban settings with little or no green areas, connected indoor gardening systems allow consumers to grow herbs and vegetables at home.

While home broadband connectivity continues to expand across all regions, 5G will be the key catalyst to create truly smart homes in the future, making homes even more multifunctional and seamless. With all that is needed at their fingertips, consumers will increasingly opt to spend time at home. Smart fridges will automatically reorder groceries that are running low, while drones deliver these groceries to your doorstep. Gym memberships might go virtual as more consumers exercise at home. Augmented and virtual realities are transforming how consumers relax and have fun, creating opportunities to experience live concerts and sports games in the comfort of their own home.

The Writer is Head of Home and Garden Euromonitor International

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