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GRACE TO GRASS! How Sex, Booze Crashed City Recruitment Agencies

By Our Reporter

“Don’t spend all your energy on sex and all your money on women; they have destroyed kings. Listen, Lemuel. Kings should not drink wine or have a craving for alcohol. When they drink, they forget the laws and ignore the rights of people in need. Alcohol is for people who are dying, for those who are in misery. Let them drink and forget their poverty and unhappiness,” reads Proverbs 31: 3-7.

But like the Bible say, we read and not understand. Or, it is that we don’t even read at all.

Between 2010 and 2018, fresh blood on Uganda’s investment scene emerged.

Recruiting desperate Ugandans for jobs abroad was the thing.

Prominent among these are the crumbled Middle East Consultants and Forbes Enterprises Ltd that were based in Muyenga and Kiwatule respectively.

Young, wealthy and powerful men ruled the sector.

Money flew in, thanks to the Arab World.

But again in the Bible, the book of Proverbs quote: “A fool and his money are soon parted”

For Proverbs: 21:20 says: “The wise man saves for the future, but the foolish man spends whatever he gets.

A few years down the road, the once powerful Middle East and Forbes Enterprises are no more.

Wilboard Twinamatsiko, is a shareholder of Middle East and co-director in Forbes, a company he co-owned with Mitoma’s political flop, Didas Kaginda.

Close family sources recount how the flamboyant lads accumulated huge sums  of money from recruiting Ugandans for jobs in the Arab countries.

But the sources were quick enough to reveal that whereas the money came in, it also went out, lavishly.

This, sources say, on booze, women and cars.

Wilber, as fondly referred to by his peers, commanded authority and attention from all corporate ladies working in banks, insurance companies, bars, hotels and government agencies given the money he had in his 20s.

He boasted of security and business connections in the country, having worked as an intelligence operative at Entebbe International Airport in his early days. Of course sources at Aviation says Twinamatsiko was fired from the Airport after being linked to dubious deals at the lucrative immigration.

Twinamatsiko is the son of the Chairman of Electoral Commission, Isingiro district and he has always had the opportunity to tie himself within a network of NRM big dogs. He is said to have used these networks to his advantage.

So, close family sources say when Twinamatsiko realized that labor recruitment was lucrative, he immediately teamed up with his colleague Kaginda to put up a similar company.

This is how Forbes Enterprises came to be.

However, well-placed sources say he did not register his name in Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) system because he wanted to keep it a top secret from his other partners in the Middle East.

But sources say whereas his name was not anywhere in the URSB books, he controlled Forbes’ bank cheques.  

Twinamatsiko built an empire of well-connected fellow and frequented posh beak-wetting joints such as Acacia Mall’s rooftop based Illusion Lounge, Riders, Route256, Atmosphere, Panamera and was a regular at the defunct Venom Club in Kabalagala.

These included house parties with Desire Luzinda, Winnie Nwagi and Irene Ntale among others being top entertainers.

United States dollars flew, a source knowledgeable with Twimatsiko’s dealings recalls.

“Erotic dance moves invited dollars,” a source says.

Twinamatsiko is said to be a car lover with his fleet said to comprise Compatible Benzs, Ranger double cabins, Range Rover Sports and many more, in addition to a magnificent palace-like home he bought in one of Uganda’s most expensive towns – Entebbe.

 But besides these, Twinamatsiko’s close friends say the man from the West has a very good taste for booze.

Whiskey and Champagne washes his throat better, a close friend says. His love for MOET, Darlington, Double black, Blue Label and so on are insatiable and that as he gallops, he generously tips waitresses cash between 200, 000 and 300, 000.

Some sources link Twinamatsiko’s early rise to fame to running over 5 businesses including human externalization, electronic materials, cleaning services and money lending among others by then.

But insiders say that whereas he made money, he splashed at least 5 million shillings per day.

However, insiders say he had not realized that his partners in the Middle East sunk the cow (Middle East) and that no amount of feeding it was making sense in terms of returns.

Loans and debts rocked the company.

Sources in the know say the last nail in the camel’s came falling in 2019 when a Ugandan lady they had trafficked to Arab countries died. There were no clear documents to bring her body back for burial.

It’s at this point that the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development suspended Forbes License.

Twinamatsiko’s close friends say this was the time his spending spree stopped.

Soon the battle in the courts of law began, many of them allegations of human trafficking.

Side businesses either collapsed or were sold so as to keep afloat of his lavish lifestyle since there was hope that all would be well soon. The soon is yet to arrive.

Twinamatsiko and Kaginda are said to have resorted to using unlicensed Forbes Enterprises to recruit, despite the Ministry ban.

“In a way, they get another recruiting company profile and submit it to UAE or Qatar agents for job orders and when they get it, they send it to the ministry for approval. They recruit under Forbes Enterprises Company name and pay bribes to their airport network for clearance of their trafficked victims after paying some commission to the approved company,” a source revealed these dealings.

Forbes Enterprises continue to recruit two years after their ban.

Forbes’ license was suspended two years ago but the pair continue to recruit desperate Ugandans for kyeyo abroad.

“The company has continued to recruit illegally and traffic Ugandans even after two years without a recruitment license,” a reliable source within the industry said.

“They get these desperate Ugandans through Facebook.”

According to sources, as the hunt for dime bit, Twinamatsiko dropped to vending music system.

Insiders say it had picked up until the ban on all forms of entertainment and gatherings to counter the spread of Covid-19 came into play.

Sources reveal that Twinamatsiko has now gone into gold trade, a deal that takes him through UAE and South Africa, in the name of a State Agent.


But in all these, the pair has since gone broke without fuel to drive posh rides and as a result have dropped to a fairly fuel consumer, Toyota Vitz.

Watch this space!

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