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Homosexual Castigate Media in Uganda for Negative Publicity

By Sanya Emmanuel Mango

A section of homosexuals in Uganda have castigated media for what they termed as negative publicity.
Speaking at a three day training workshop for journalist organized by Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF) on how to report on LGBTI issues at Esella country hotel in Kampala recently, the director Rella Women Foundation who preferred anonymity said media in Uganda has complicated the life of LGBTIs in Uganda with what she
referred to as continued negative publicity.
During her and other Lesbians, Bisexual, Transgender Intersex (LGBTIs) interface with the media the director noted that on several occasion media has allegedly been used by institutions such the police to portray LGBTIS as immoral, outcast in society in respect to their sexual orientation, social assembly and identity.
She further said that majority of LGBTIs are leaving in hiding due to the hash laws that do not allow them to associate freely, other are in total fare of being attacked by the public, while others have lost touch with the biological parents, relatives, friend, schooling, business just because media has projected them and the acts as immoral.
Mukasa a transgender (other name withheld for purpose of concealing her identity) shared with the journalists that a few years ago her life was turned down when police in company of media raided a place in Nansana were her fellow LGBTIs had converged for a get together party and media curried what she termed as negative one sided stories without getting their side.
Mukasa who spoke in agony with tears rolling on her chicks said “I was among the people who were arrested and media projected us as immoral (particular media house concealed) my mother collapsed and later died, my father and all my siblings never visited me at police and ever since then I have been banished”
Kateraga a Gay (other name withheld for purpose of concealing her identity) from a staunch Muslim family in Kampala in same vain lashed at media for negative publicity claiming that media in Uganda has no remorse for LGBTIs citing an instance were police and media stormed Esella country hotel and all the LGBTIs who were attending a workshop were arrested and paraded before media. Kateraga said that after being paraded before the media police released them with no charges levied against them.
“We are normal people just like heterogender this kind of negative publicity is really affecting us” a soft spoken youth said Prof Sylvia Tamale from the school of law Makerere University while presenting a paper on understanding the concept of marginalization at the same workshop appeal to media to treat LGBTIs as one of the marginalized communities that need
due attention to highlight issues affecting their well being. adding that government and other development partners have made media to believe that its only the disabled, youths and women who are marginalized excluding LGBTQIA, minority ethic communities like Tepeth, Ikii among others.
Prof Tamale appealed to media to understand the sexual orientation of LGBTQIAs in order to sensitize the public to understand and appetite LGBTQIA. In her presentation prof Sylvia pointed out Asexual as not sexually attractive to anyone and or having sexual orientation, on sexual attraction to anyone adding that this does not necessarily mean sexless
“Asexual people may experience affection, romantic attraction and may engage in sexual activity sometimes” said Prof Tamale in response to a question raised by one of the participants.

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