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I’ll undress over Murchison falls giveaway – Wekesa

By Francis Otucu

The Chief Executive Officer Great Lakes Safaris has said he will undress in protest of Murchison falls giveaway.

Amos Wekesa was Wednesday morning appearing on NTV morning show, ‘MorningAtNTV’ when he said: “This one I am not threatening, I am serious and I will undress to protest the giveaway of Murchison falls.”

Wekesa said Murchison falls is already stressed enough.

“Murchison falls already has enough problems. There is a bridge that is being constructed which should have been raised higher, there are oil discoveries whose activities are affecting wild animals and others. You have killed Isimba, Bujagali and you want to also go for Murchison,” he said.

He however stressed fears that dams in Uganda may not last longer.

“We are living like we are the last generation. Look at how many forests and swamps we have destroyed in just one generation. It is just absurd. I can assure you, these dams will not last forever. That is heart breaking,” he said.

Wekesa noted that whereas there happenings such as planned Murchison falls giveaway, tourism is one of the fastest growing industries around the world.

This planed giveaway of Murchison falls for a hydro-power dam has since attracted negatives from tourism enthusiasts. Several Ugandans have already signed petition to block the move which could see the disappearance of a key tourist destination.

By Monday, the Daily Monitor reported that over 4, 900 people had signed the online petition and initiated a hashtag #SaveMurchisonFalls to block the plan.

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