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June 30, 2021
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IUIU Staff Angry After Rector Appoints Wife, Friend To Juicy Varsity Positions

By Our Reporter

All is not well at Islamic University In Uganda (IUIU), the Second Opinion exclusively reports.

The anger, a well-placed source say stems from a recent move by the Rector, Ass. Prof. Ismail Gyagenda, to appoint his wife and friend to directorate positions at the University.

According to our source, Gyagenda’s friend, Dr. Adnan Ali Adkata is now Director Kampala Campus while Gyagenda’s wife, Dr. Warda Mummy Rajab Gyagenda is the Director Public Relations, Community Engagement and Internationalization.

Yet, inside sources say the pair made grave mistakes before they were fired under the reign of the previous Rector.

For instance, a well-placed source says: “The two were sent to Malaysia on an official duty to propel the implementation of IUIU intentions with (BIONUS), an organization that wanted to have a joint business venture with IUIU in waste management and oil products. Nevertheless, the two manipulated the IUIU system and took over the institutional business rights claiming that the then IUIU Rector did not know how to carry out business that was in year 2017 if I have not forgotten. The company (BIONUS) I am talking about here was secured by IUIU through Yayasan Amal Foundation and later signed a memorandum with IUIU the then Rector, Dr. Ahamad Kawesa Sengendo from Malaysia. Moreover, IUIU financed the duo and Hon. Tiperu to represent IUIU and negotiate its interests well but the two (Adnan and Warda) changed the agreement that was prior signed by IUIU to their names and took the franchise. When the issue landed in the ears of Amal Foundation management, one of the University administrators was called by the heads of the Foundation over the matter. This incidence took place when the said official was in Malaysia as a second PhD student. The reason for calling the official was to answer because he was the direct person that connected IUIU and Amal Foundation. The concern of Amal Foundation was who financed the duo to move to Malaysia? and if it is IUIU, why do they take over its rights? The official came back and briefed the Rectorship about the matter. And this is the period Gyagenda as the Vice Rector A. A had organized a workshop on knowledge integration in which Prof Rosnan and Assoc Prof Siraje gave wonderful presentations. While in the workshop, a delegation from Malaysia (BIONUS) came to Uganda these people were picked by Dr. Adnan and Dr. Warda in a green Prado one of the officials was using to transport Prof Rosnani, he refused to release to them, when the four of the officials were standing in the Car park yard of Female campus. The following day the delegation (BIONUS group) went to Rwanda with the Rector, Dr. Warda and Dr. Adnan over the same project of waste management. These three IUIU delegates went to Rwanda on behalf of IUIU, however when they reached there, to Rectorship’s surprise it was discovered that Dr. Adnan and Warda had changed IUIU business rights to their names. This scenario caused a very serious rift between the two (Dr. Adnan and Dr. Warda) and the Rectorship. Negotiations were done diplomatically, and the Rectorship asked them to reverse their decision but in vein. Amal delegates who had come here for Qurban intervened through Bro. Ali from Sudan in the matter but Dr. Adnan and Dr. Warda refused to reverse their decision of abusing the IUIU system and this acted as a foundation for their misconduct and deserted IUIU,” an insider narrated.

On top of this, a well-placed source told us last night that Dr. Adnan has previously been fired from IUIU for ‘misbehavior’ with a colleague’s wife but has not been returned by Gyagenda and ‘rewarded’ Director Position.

“Dr. Warda and the in-law ‘misbehaved’ when GYagenda was in the Rectorship but there is nothing on record from Gyagenda’s office that challenges or supports their misconduct at the time,” a source revealed.

A staff fumed, “In addition, Dr. Warda was appointed by the Rectorship of that time to take on the office for Director Public Relations, Community Engagement and Internationalisation, she refused the responsibility and even left IUIU to KIU without any formal communication and now you are bringing her back to the same office to be supervised by you. Even if the IUIU Act allows the husband and wife to work in the same organization but she cannot be in the same office with you as an IUIU employee.”

The staff wonder. “Was Dr. Matovu and Dr. Bisaso’s transfers a demotion or promotion? Why do I ask so? Because these decisions have money implication and moral issues on the future of these leaders who have been steering some unit activities? And now are replaced by people we know that have dents especially pertaining to moral issues.”

There is also an issue of appointment made by Gyagenda which angered the staff.

“Gyagenda’s driver Samiru, a relative in your family, was dismissed by Gyagenda in his capacity as Chairman IUIU Examinations Committee on matters of examination malpractice, how come that he has been reappointed in IUIU as a driver again by Gyagenda to a position that attracts a salary equivalent to an IUIU teaching assistant? Is this fair?” the staff wonder.

Our sources say that the staff of IUIU had a lot of hopes in Gyagenda but they say Gyagenda has instead opened up war against them by making decisions that undermine IUIU core mission, vision and values.

“If he doesn’t not change, resistance is inevitable even though people are still quiet but some of us will not keep quiet over unpleasant situations,” a source said.

The staff now want Gyagenda to drop Adnan and his wife lest they join the war.

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