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Kiboga on tenterhooks as Custodian Board raids district to recover Asian Properties

By Nathan Ngobi

Members of the wealthy public in Kiboga district who fraudulently acquired properties of the Departed Asians which are currently under the Custodian board property are on tenterhooks after officials of the Departed Asian Property Custodian Board (DAPCB) raided the area to recover some Government properties.

Led by Mama Juru Irene Apio and Hirome Mayanja Sabbehe members of the divestiture committee of Custodian Board, they discovered that so far 960 acres of land was allegedly taken by Haji Badru  Mwanje  fraudulently .

The land in question, a freehold registered Volume 35 Folio 20 at Kisuna Estate Singo 640 acres  was formerly owned by Khimchand Shah Ltd. This land was registered on 13th December 1951 under instrument No. 103478 .

And that of Kabulamuliro 320 acres   in Kiboga district.

In March 2022 President Yoweri Museveni gave a    directive to the Departed Asians Property Custodian Board (DAPCB) to track and recover thousands of properties, formerly under the management of the Board and believed to have been fraudulently taken over by wealthy business personalities.

Following the presidential directive , George William Bizibu the Executive Secretary DAPCB says that his team does not sit in office but hunt for  properties which are in the hands of scrumptious wealthy members of the public.

 Kiboga RDC meeting:

On Tuesday 13th September 2022 Kiboga RDC  Nalubega Marriam Sseguya  chaired  a heated meeting aimed at resolving a way forward on how the Government would recover Kisuna Estate located in Dwaniro sub county .

The meeting was attended by the deputy RDC Mathias Lutwama , DPC  Tugumanawe Julius, Dwaniro sub county GISO Bumikiriza  Benon, OC station Dwaniro sub county Capt. Kato Muhammed , area LC1 chairman Lwankonge  in Kisuna Kizza Ham , the district land officer  Kitone Mariot , the land surveyor  Musoke Mulalo   and officers from custodian board headed by mama Juru Irene Apio and Hirome Mayanja Sabbehe while the party of mzee Haji Badru Mwanje the current occupant of the said land was represented by his lawyer only identified as Sadam Ismail,

In the meeting The Second Opinion saw the interested party Mzee Kiggundu Kabandwa.

During the meeting Mama Juru Irene Apio told the gathering that they are in Kiboga district to create peace not conflict, but they are following the properties left behind by the expropriated Asians who never returned as per the law to formerise the repossession.

She said that in Kiboga district at the moment they discovered Kisuna Estate that was formerly owned  Khimchand K ,Shah Ltd and the motive was to pave a way of carrying out boundary opening so that they ascertain the exact land  properly.

Mama Juru’s echo was supported by Hirome Mayanja Sabbehe  who told the RDC and other members that they are executing a directive by the president to recover all properties fraudulently taken over by some wealthy members of the public.

“We discovered Kisuna Estate in Kisuna about 640 acres and 320 acres in Kabulamuliro ares, we want a request to open boundaries so as facts are established” Hirome said.

During the meeting Sadam Ismail pulled out copies of the land titles and told the meeting that his client lost a relative that is why he never turned up for the meeting however, he has three different titles of Milo land, freehold and lease hold which he acquired in 1992 .

He said that his client has lived on the land for 30 years and no one can claim ownership of the same.

He asked the Custodian board to go to court and establish facts about the documentation of the land titles that his client got from the land commission with the help of the district land board.

He said that his client bought land  from Rose Nabitaka and a formal transfer of title was done on 31st July 2002 under instrument No. 326501 and Haji Badru Mwanje has more than 2sq km  while Custodian board are looking for less meaning it may not be their land.

Following a simple argument, Kiboga Deputy RDC Lutwama Mathias interjected and hailed lawyer Sadam Ismail for being cautious during the meeting.

I thank my brother Sadam Ismail for behaving cautiously in the meeting unlike other lawyers but this matter can only be reached at conclusion if all parties present the evidence they have, secondly we need to visit the area and carry out boundary opening thirdly land matters are full of fraudulent documents we also need to establish how Haji Badru acquired both the land and documents” Lutwama told the gathering.

According to the Kiboga district land officer Kitone Mariot and the staff surveyor Musoke Mulalo both concurred with Lutwama and highlighted to the RDC that land matters are resolved after opening the boundaries.

“We must  you visit the site of contention  , open boundaries and then come back to verify records. That is how we shall get the truth  but what I know is that the District land board has no mandate to deal on  properties of the custodian board” Said Kitone Mariot.

Lawyer Sadam Ismail causes confusion, abandons meeting:

Meantime  after all members resolved to start by visiting the Kisuna Estate land and open boundaries and before the RDC Nalubega Marriam Sseguya would make her conclusion remarks , lawyer Sadam Ismail turned rowdy and attacked the RDC with other members including the Custodian board officials for being biased against his client.

According to Sadam, Ismail told the meeting that he will not allow the exercise of visiting the site to open boundaries to take place because his client would not get justice.

“We shall not allow you to open boundaries, if you think the land belongs to the Government then go to court based on documents but not  visiting the land  to open boundaries” Sadam Ismail told the gathering.

At this time the looking confused Sadam Ismail said maybe we ask the commissioner land surveyor Entebbe to take charge of boundary opening.

But shockingly all members told agreed with him on commissioner land surveyor to take charge but in a short time he changed his mind and told the gathering that you know what am a Muslim and I swear no one will step on that land to open the boundaries .

Charged Sadam stood up in the meeting and  attempted to  confront the RDC trying to  stop her from making the final remarks  an issue that forced  police with  security officers to intervene  but Sadam escaped the meeting , entered his car,  drove off at a high speed  from Kiboga .

 The area Lwankonge village LC1 chairman Kizza Ham revealed that he was told by his late father Musa Sebirumbi that the Kisuna estate land belongs to the departed Asians.

“I grew up knowing that the said land was for Asians who had bought it to plant pineapples but shockingly I saw Haji Badru claiming ownership in the late 1990s” Said Ham Kizza.

Kiboga RDC Nalubega Marriam Sseguya vowed to go and implement the presidential directive should she discover that the land was fraudulently taken.

She said that there are so many land disputes in Kiboga district and most of the claimants do not have proper documents.

She promised to head the security with police and visit the area to see that boundaries are open so as to ascertain the real owners of the conflicted land.

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