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Minister Ogwang Shocked over state of govt schools in Bukedea

By Nathan Ngobi & Lawrence Okwakol
Bukedea; The minister of state for economic monitoring in the office of the president Peter Ogwang  at the weekend got the shock of his life when he got to know about the state of government schools in Bukedea district.

“I got shocked when I came to this school which was the venue for the launch of the 71billion irrigation scheme project and only to see a structure like cattle crawl   which frustrates learners making Education non beneficial yet government sends funds to Bukedea district,” Ogwang said.

Shocked Ogwang  tasked Geoffrey Okiswa the Bukedea resident district commissioner  to establish facts concerning  to the shaming state of Acomai primary school and other schools  in Kamutur sub county Bukedea district..

Ogwang  gave  Okiswa  one week  to dig out all the information concerning the funding of Acomai primary school which has no classrooms and  shelter for children  yet it’s fully funded government school.

Ogwang paraded the district Education officer Stephen Okurut who was the master of ceremony to explain in depth the position of the school since it’s establishment.

According to Ogwang  referring to  Acomai primary school as  a government school is disastrous and underscores government efforts in the sector.

“District officials are smart guys in report writing and papers submission but when you task them to get to the field some run away,  we have arrested some and handed  to legal departments of government others attempt to run or hide but we pick them”, a disappointed Ogwang said.

Okurut said the school was community founded which government took over in 2018 with an enrollment of 138 pupils and posted eight teachers David Igune the head teacher inclusive.

He added that the evidence of school operation are records like the teacher’s attendance registers since 2018, enrollment and school stock records, the problem people who are hurrying to say the school has only two teachers are none  residents who  only came for the launch of this irrigation scheme project.

“Acomai primary school has six classes and the information is  even reflected in the ministry of Education and sports. It is not a ghost school  but it’s structures were affected  by floods,” he explained.

Ogwang assured Okiswa that should he discover defaults in records, he will start with the district central government programs monitor.

“Am suspicious that the 138 pupils reported by Okurut are figures in the ministry. Okiswa am on you and each district takes me  one day in routine work but Bukedea am going to take two days  because I have smelt a rat here and going to start my Teso monitoring from Bukedea,” Ogwang said.

In his speech Mose Olemukan the Bukedea district chairperson said constructing classrooms in Acomai primary school needs cash worth building ten schools  because of the nature and porosity of the soil and that central government should take over.

Olemukan said Acomai is disadvantaged in that it is floods prone during wet season it gets flooded and pupils who endure coming to this school  study  on  anthills.

During a private interview Olemukan said Acomai is going to benefit from what the ministers themselves have seen sometimes our MPs Patrick Isiagi Opolot (Kachumbala),John Bosco Ikojo (Bukedea), and Anita Among deputy speaker (Bukedea women) find it difficult to convince government but today the three ministers and 47 MPs have seen for themselves.

John Peter Emuget a resident of Komongomeri village in Kamutur sub county said there are a number of doubtable projects Ogwang should look at especially NUSAF3 most projects were not completed.

Okiswa said he was going to give Ogwang a comprehensive report about Acomai primary school .

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