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Namilyango College loses entire piggery project to Swine Fever

By Elijah Khisa

The Namilyango college community is still shocked by reports that the college piggery project which had steadily grown has suffered a setback as its entire stock comprising over 100 pigs was   wiped out by the swine fever.

The shocking remarks were made by the college headmaster Mpuuga Constantine Sajjabbi during an exclusive interview with this website who lamented how they are disappointed that they lost the entire piggery project of 100 to swine fever.

“We had invested lots of resources in the piggery unit of the farm  with high expectations of reaping big on sales but unfortunately swine fever abruptly attacked and instantly wiped out the entire 100 piggery unit,” lamented Mpuuga.

He however said they are working with AVSI an Italian NGO in modernizing the 50 acres college farm which currently supplies fresh vegetables, cassava, sweet potatoes and milk which is consumed by both students and staff on a daily basis.

“We are working in partnership with AVSI to ensure that our plans of rejuvenating the farm and reequipping it with new stocks and modern farm equipment is realized this year as well as working on the new proposed environmental project which targets at helping the college to move away from using firewood for cooking to new fuel alternatives,” he pointed out.

The college reportedly uses the farm for both farm demonstration activities where agriculture   students practice  modern farming practices as well as serving the produce like fresh vegetables and milk to the entire school community for a balanced diet.  

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