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NARO, 10 seed companies ink deal to eliminate fake seeds on market

The National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), has signed a Plant variety License with ten seed companies to eliminate supply of fake seeds on market that has caused huge losses to farmers across the country. This brings the total number of licensed seed companies to twenty three (23) and some of the new seed companies on board include Variety seed company, Century seed company and Equator seed company among others. 

The Director General National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), Dr. Yona Baguma,  believes that signing a plant variety License with seed companies will enable the Agricultural research organization to trace on the seed variety given to seed companies, and consequently ensure they supply quality seeds to farmers at national and regional levels.

 Addressing directors of seed companies, Dr. Yona Baguma, tasked company directors to invest in good infrastructures and skilled people who understand the dynamics of seed varieties.

“Set up reasonable infrastructures that help to invest in quality seeds. This would enable professionals to invest in better seed varieties. You should also invest in value chain to ensure multiplication of quality seed varieties.

“Have long term business plan to tap in greater market along regions . Think beyond national boarders, and develop a mechanism of availing feedback to NARO.

” The license given to your seed companies meet international standards, and have a clear structural framework with no room for error, “Dr. Baguma stressed.

Dr. Baguma implored seed companies to ensure adequate supply of quality seeds to farmers adding that NARO is committed to investing in vibrant seed varieties that are competitive globally. He however, cautioned unlicensed seed companies that they risk legal action.

“Ensure timely supply of adequate quantity of good seed varieties to farmers. As NARO, we believe in availing right information to the general public.

” We shall deal with seed companies involved in supply of fake seeds, and those with no contract with NARO. The variety seeds given to your seed companies have been under observation for the last 10years. Therefore, you should remain focused and committed to ensure sustainability, “Dr. Baguma sounded the appeal.

The Deputy Director General in charge of Agriculture Technology promotion at NARO, Dr. Sadiq Kassim, asked the Ministry of Agriculture officials to scale up inspections to ensure supply of quality seeds to farmers.

” The agreement signed between NARO and seed  companies is a remarkable one, and this would enable the sell of good amount of certified seeds. After realising their sales, seed companies are required to pay loyalty to facilitate research processes, further bulking of early generating seeds,  development of seed varieties and sustainable supply of quality seeds.

” We have variety of seeds in the regional catalogues whereby any seed varieties are sold within the region. So, it’s our competitiveness that will set our comparative advantage over other member states within COMESA . For instance , Uganda has a comparative advantage in most of the staple food crops and cash crops across the region, “Dr. Kassim explained.

The Senior Agricultural inspector at the  Agriculture Ministry, Robert Socar Lakidi, urged seed companies to observe standards in the market by ensuring production of quality seeds that meet international standards.

” The right process has to be followed to ensure production of quality seeds. Ensure you have a clear seed process to easy traceability of good seed varieties. You should  ensure seeds reach the farmers in good quality and should avoid messing them up, “Dr. Kassim made the call.

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