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Ngora County MP cautions parents in Teso

By Lawrence Okwakol  

Ngora: Parents in Teso  sub region especially Ngora county in Ngora district have been tasked to jealously safeguard their children especially the girl child in the long holidays coupled with festivities.

Juliet Achayo Lodou, the Ngora County Member of Parliament sounded the warning in a  press briefing where she revealed that most parents are reluctant to monitor the movement of their children and  allow them pay visits to relatives, move with misleading peers and dress  provocatively.

While on the issues of  welcoming the new year 2024, Achayo said that  the majority of  her electorates  in Ngora have developed a good weekly savings culture in their  groups with  the prime objective of  buying food and clothes which is not bad but urged  them to be mindful of fees as students would  report back during  the first week of February 2024.

“I would not be happy as a legislator  to hear10 people bought  a bull and each family  took 20kgs worth 240,000/= yet they were  comfortable with one kilogram per meal, some members  may disregard my advice but could  live to see results and regret when they fail to meet the basic education needs for their children when schools open “, Juliet Achayo said.

She disclosed that  pleasing the family members with nice  clothes  delicious  food during festival celebrations is very good but the wrapped gift useful for a child is education.

“I will not be happy to hear that my daughters  get unwanted pregnancies and I also advise the youth to avoid gate crashing into functions because these are characters  of antisocial behaviours. Am glad security has been key in all villages. I applaud John Stephen Ekoom the Ngora resident district commissioner for setting up taskforce groups for night patrols,” Achayo added.

Ekoom said the district security committee which he chairs resolved for the creation of task force units to curb rampant theft of mostly animals.

“I urge all stakeholders to abide by the agreed time of 9pm for people to move  because you will be mistaken. Only those with emergencies like sickness and deliveries are inevitably allowed to move. My men volunteer to patrol and some of them  don’t have cattle but because of patriotism as advocated by the NRM government under president Museveni freely accept so kindly don’t give them a hard time “, Ekoom said.

James Omoding, a resident of Oteten village said he has taken the guidance of their MP Juliet Achayo Lodou in good faith.

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