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NRM Guns Out as Nambozo is appointed minister: Who Is Who in Lumolo/Nambozo Camps for Sironko District Top Seat

By Nathan Ngobi

The  NRM party members  registration is over and to the political scholars, the party started their mobilization ahead of the 2026 General elections,  soon they would  kick start  grassroot party elections in order to strengthen themselves against any political opponent who would dare cross their journey to claim the seventh term of  elective victory come  2026.

The party’s chairman electoral commission Dr. Tanga Odoi announced sometime last year that the party grassroot structural election road map would end in April when all districts could elect their party chairpersons.

However, this was later changed by the party CEC who reasoned that some party members had deserted, died while others   were on independent tickets with youths who have grown now to the voting age plus those in opposition who have joined the NRM party required the party’s yellow book be updated.

At The Second Opinion we started profiling hot spot districts where the NRM party expected stiff competitions among the party loyalists and cadres.

 Dr. Tanga’s pronouncement of the party election roadmap to the people of Sironko was timely and particularly to the district woman member of parliament and now newly appointed state minister for Karamoja affairs Nambozo Flowrence Wamala Mayoga (we are sorry if you scrapped off Mayoga’s name) who immediately stormed local radio stations and social media platforms to declare her interest to unseat the long serving NRM cadre and tycoon the district chairman Sulaiman Mafabi Lumolo.

Nambozo’s declaration caused the division of two major NRM camps in Sironko and this time we will bring you who is who in both Nambozo and Lumolo camps.

However, though Nambozo was appointed minister she suffered a setback when her core task force campaigning and strategic  team led by a fresh graduate from UMI Dison Balayo , Ashaba Ashiraf, Gimei Cylan and Gidudu Isma  crossed and joined Lumolo’s camp and declared to whip out Nambozo from the political arena of Sironko district.

Her appointment to those we spoke to in Sironko say that president Museveni has relieved them of the burden of deciding over who would serve as minister, woman member of parliament and district NRM chairperson.

Sironko previously had 22 major traditional sub counties until the last general election when each sub county was subdivided to make 42 sub counties, with two constituencies Budadiri East 21 sub counties and Budadiri West 21 sub counties while as Lumolo hails from Buyobo sub county in Budadiri West, Nambozo comes from the current day Legenya sub county curved off Bumasifa and married to Mayoga Henry in Bumalimba both sub counties are located in Budadiri East.

Lumolo’s camp                

Rogers Wadada.

He is a prominent lawyer in Kampala and contested for member of parliament twice for Budadiri East in Sironko district.

Wadada Rogers

According to Wadada he explained that losing Lumolo for the district seat would mean FDC retaking all the territories of Sironko back to their hands.

“We shall become laughing stock if we allow Nambozo to win because Lumolo uses his own money to mobilize for the NRM party, he might have issues like say personal interests to see his daughter win an election but those are small things that could be sorted out compared to sacrificing the district to the hands of the opposition” Wadada said.

We shall fight, we shall not allow Nambozo to become the district NRM chairperson of Sironko.

Paul Wokou Maberi.

Wokou worked with Uganda electricity distribution company limited (UEDCL) and UMEME before joining the Budadiri West elective politics in 2010 with Hon Beatrice Wabudeya who was then the minister for presidency, he is a strong NRM cadre who has mobilized and promoted the activities of the party persistently without fear or favor, his continued love for the NRM party and his  resilience  have made  members in Sironko to believe and indeed  fronting him against Nathan Nandala Mafabi come 2026 general elections.

He ran for the NRM in primaries thrice in 2010 and 2015 but the last one he lost to Dr.  Wambaka  Kosea  Makwasi.

However, his political journey had a setback after surviving a serious road accident that almost claimed his life.

Wokou according to insiders is seriously gunning up to defeat Nathan Nandala Mafabi should he grab the NRM party card for Budadiri west parliamentary seat.

When Nambozo declared her interest to oust Lumolo, Wokou went to the media and opposed her, he later held mobilization meetings through the Buwasa sub county party chairman George Namaje in Buwasa area where they resolved to have Lumolo retain his seat as Wokou heads for Nandala’s political throat.

According to Wokou getting Hajji Sulaiman Lumolo out of the Sironko NRM chairmanship is not the solution but mending fences amongst the NRM cadres would be the best way to resolve.

This is done by reconciliation, respect and forgiving each other in Sironko district. Wokou emphasized.

Vincent Woboya

He is the former member of parliament for Budadiri East (NRM) in Sironko district and lost the position to Ssasaga John in the last election.

Woboya says that giving out the NRM seat to Nambozo would be wasting the district for the opposition to gain momentum again.

Lumolo is a better mobiliser than Nambozo and when it comes to party politics, we need someone who has the heart to inject money himself without leaning on the national office and that person is Lumolo not Nambozo.

“During the parliamentary election I recall Lumolo giving us 5m cash each candidate, money from his own pocket including Nambozo and Dr. Wambaka something that Nambozo could not do” Woboya said

Julius Nakiyi

He contested for the member of parliament for the Budadiri East in 2021 on an independent ticket after losing the NRM party flag to Vincent Woboya.

All the candidates who contested against Woboya for the parliamentary NRM flag in 2020 went ahead and contested independently on ground that Woboya took the flag fraudulently, they include Ssasaga Godfrey the former boss of immigration, Kiwungulo John Kivebudadiri, Maserege Richard and Nakiyi Julius himself.

Julius Nakiyi

However, they later regrouped and agreed never to make a similar mistake.

Nakiyi and Lumolo during the previous NRM primaries for Budadiri East election disagreed as he (Nakiyi) accused Lumolo for favoring Woboya to grab the party parliamentary flag, however they later reconciled after discovering that the two are relatives.

Nakiyi’s mother hails from the clan of Lumolo in Buyobo and during one of the burial functions at Buyobo the two men reconciled and vowed to move as a team.

Nakiyi now preaches the return to power of Lumolo as the district NRM chairman for Sironko and he has gone ahead to woo many disgruntled NRM cadres to rejoin the camp of the Sironko giant tycoon so as the party moves forward.

 Sister Mary Wasagali.

She is currently serving as a commissioner for equal opportunities but a strong NRM cadre at the Lumolo’s  executive and her   riding up to the ladders was due to the support of her party.

Wasagali though now looks neutral but insider sources intimated to us that she is too close to Lumolo and wants him to retain his seat.

However, among the elders one Wambede Walyemera Richard from Buyobo , Mzee Wamulugwa John  the chairman elders council and a man behind the  battles at BCU ,  Jane Magambo ,  Beatrice Wabudeya and Mzee Wamuziri  with others have started a serious mobilization to see that Lumolo retains the NRM district party chair.

John Kivebudadiri   Kiwungulo                    

He is a born of Bumasifa sub county and though formerly FDC, he crossed to NRM party before a mammoth crowd at Sironko during one of president Museveni’s rallies in the East.

Kiwungulo ever since then never looked back but to mobilize support for NRM that saw weakening his former party FDC  and  led to the collapse of his sister the former area district woman MP Famiya Wadada of FDC.

Kiwungulo has contested many times for the Budadiri East member of parliament on NRM ticket and lost including the previous general election where he lost to Ssasaga John of FDC.

To Kiwungulo , the reason why opposition reduced closely in Sironko despite the place having the opposition secretary general of FDC and MP for Budadiri West Nathan Nandala Mafabi is due to the mobilization skills and personal funding by Haji Sulaiman Lumolo Mafabi.

“Any sane person can see this, when we lose out on Lumolo then NRM party will become history in Sironko, something Lumolo and us voters cannot allow” Kiwungulo revealed.

Kiwungulo now mobilizing for his parliamentary elections for 2026 vowed to campaign for Lumolo against anyone who will come across his way.

In our part one of this article we shall mention some of the sub county councilors and chairpersons  for  particular camps like in this case Lumolo has  Recheal Kidasa of Sironko town council , Kadde Robert of Bugusege sub county, Wamanga Peter, Waninga Robert chairman Buyobo sub county, Musiwa  Yunusu former chairman Sironko town council, Namaje George of Buwasa, Walude Ali of Buwalasi sub county, Sowedi Muyinda of Bukulo, Wambede of Nalusala, Ali Madoi of Buyobo sub county, Wafeda James of Mutufu sub county, Mafabi Johnson of Bukiyi and Franco of Buteza sub county.

Others in the Lumolo camp are Namisi James of Bukiyi sub county, Wadikinyi Simon of Lulena , Sarah Makada of Nalusala sub county, Bessi a counselor for Buyobo and Buweri sub counties, Wetaka John acidic councilor for elders, Deo Nakisa of Bukyambi sub county,  councilor Sarah of Buwalasi and Buteza sub counties,  Mwamadi Wakwaba of Namugabwe sub county, Wakwaba Sylver  of Bunyafa sub county and former speaker of Sironko district , Namisi Jane of Bukiyiti, Nambuya Mariam  and Hussein Masaba both of Sironko town council.

Nambozo Florence Wamala Mayoga

She is the woman member of parliament for Sironko district and currently the newly appointed state minister for Karamoja affairs a slot that  Bududa woman member of parliament Agnes Nandutu was dropped due to Mabati scandals. Nambozo is  serving her second term as woman member of parliament for Sironko district.

She beat the then incumbent Famiya Wadada FDC in the 2016 general election with the help of the district chairman Sulaiman Mafabi Lumolo to whip  out opposition from Sironko district.

In 2021 she defied the NRM party rules and regulations and contested on an independent ticket after she lost the party flag to Lumolo’s daughter Aisha Nabulo Mafabi.

Nambozo accused Lumolo of conflict of interest and biases in fronting his daughter who grabbed the party flag for the Sironko district woman MP.

She beat Aisha Nabulo Mafabi in the general election which matters ended up before a court redress, however when Tanga Odoi declared the NRM party roadmap Nambozo Wamala   rushed to the local Radio stations and announced her candidature to oust Lumolo from the district chair.

Without going into the known history Nambozo’s camp has strong pillars of mobilizers as follows.

 Sumin Nasike

She is the RDC of Mbale district and wife to Felix Nambale the Sironko district youth chairman.

Felix worked hard to see that Lumolo’s son Isma Mafabi wins the parliamentary seat for Eastern youth MP in 2016 against his main rivals Dorothy Okware daughter to tycoon Okware John Lucky of Ridar Hotel in  Seeta Mukono.

However, both Lumolo and Felix fellow apart after Felix accusing Lumolo of failure to fulfil his promises, this made his wife join the band wagon and in the 2021 general elections it is said that Sumin de-campaigned Lumolo’s daughter Asha Nabulo Lumolo against Nambozo Florence Wamala.

Sumin campaigned secretly and openly for Nambozo Florence to see that Asha Lumolo’s was defeated and at the end Asha lost out.

However, when it comes to the NRM party Sumin currently serving as RDC Mbale district is allegedly warming up to see that Lumolo loses out against Nambozo.

Shaban Kachimete

He is a former RDC of Mbale district  and currently serving in the office of the national chairman (ONC) Kyambogo as a coordinator .

He parted ways with Lumolo over petty issues and now vowed to support the new state minister for Karamoja affairs to become the new Sironko district NRM chairperson should the election be held.

Others are the district speaker Sam Mafabi, Naigoni  Alex of Buweri  town council, Jackson Kisolo the former worker with the tax body Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) . In fact  when Nambozo was appointed a state minister for Karamoja affairs recently , Kisolo  was among the first people to storm the social media platforms to send congratulatory messages to Nambozo and vowed that now the new future for Sironko has come.

Agatha Lunyoro of Bugusege and Buwasa sub counties, Gerald Simbata the district NRM publicity secretary, Rashid Fagayo of Sironko town council and Nabende from Mafudu sub county are all backing up state minister Nambozo to become the sironko district NRM chairperson.

Watch out for Part II                                

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