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Pallisa to utilize historic sites and beautiful scenery to generate local revenue

By Lawrence Okwakol 

Pallisa district leaders and technical staff have agreed to invest resources in the protection of the historical sites and beautiful scenery that have been tempered and destroyed by human activities.

Fredrick Byenkwaso, the Pallisa district chief administrative officer, said from the tour they noticed that Pallisa has very attractive historical sites in the rocks of Opwateta, Kameke, Akisim, and Agule Gogonyo subcounties with exploited sites that can improve revenue generation.

Byenkwaso said once these gazette sites are protected and exposed, they will attract tourists, hence improving the collection of local revenue.

“The district cannot fulfill most of the work plans that are supposed to be funded by local revenue as the district collects only 2% of its annual budget,”  Byenkwaso said.

He said councilors should own the project by talking to their people because their allowances are meager given the local revenue collected.

“When these sites begin generating revenue, the sub-county councilor allowance will increase from Shs. 20,000 per sitting to over Shs. 100,000,” the CAO said.

Bumba Kadiri, the district tourism officer, said the identified sites are going to be protected, and the line ministry of tourism, wildlife, and antiquities is going to be notified by CAO for an intervention.

Bumba said once these sites are fully utilized, over 200 people are going to get jobs.

However, Abraham Omasei, the Pallisa district senior environment officer, said there’s a need to bring all stakeholders on board, especially the community, because they are going to misunderstand the intention and therefore need sensitization. omasei said a lot of degrading and deforestation of hilly areas is going on, and the lower local governments should generally by-laws.

Patrick Duchu, the LC5 of Pallisa district, said human activities like quarrying, charcoal burning, and reclaiming it for farming.

In his submission, Magidu Dhikusoka, the Pallisa RDC, said there’s a need for the district to organize a tourism day and have Tom Butime, the minister, invited.

Dhikusoka appreciated the people who rest goats in the rocks, saying they use these places sustainably compared to cultivate farmers.

“A goat keeper with 100 goats benefits 100 times more than a farmer of maize, as in a year the goat rearer earns Shs 200,000 from each goat while the cassava grower only pockets Shs 600,000 from 20 bags dried,”  Dhikusoka said.

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