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April 15, 2019
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Police Arrest Kiboga Cows

By Francis Otucu

The police say the said cows have been handed over temporarily to the rightful owner as it could not take care of them.

This after the police intercepted 21 heads of cattle earlier stolen from Kalokola village, Bukomero sub-county in Kiboga district.

According to police sources, the animals belong to Edisa Makuza, a widow in the area and was stolen at 8pm on April 13, 2019.

However, after a tip-off, the police swung in to action, arresting the suspects and the said animals.

The suspects in the matter have been identified as Abbas Kirabira, Ibrahim Kigongo, John Sekitoleko and Eric Makubuya.

Regional Police spokesperson, Norbert Ochom said the suspects are in custody at CPS in Kiboga while the animals have temporarily been returned to the owner to look after as police could not keep them until the court process is over.

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