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April 3, 2019
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April 4, 2019
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Police Dispatch Elite Squad On Tourist Rescue Mission

By Francis Otucu

The police said in a statement last night that an elite squad from the Tourism Police has been dispatched to rescue kidnapped America and driver.

Kimberley Sue Endecott,  and her driver, Jean Paul Mirengo Remezo were kidnapped by armed gunmen on Tuesday evening near Katoke Gate in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Five other tourists were abandoned unhurt.

The newly dispatched team, according to Police Deputy Spokesperson, Polly Namaye will re-enforce a joint operation team already on ground. By yesterday, the Police, Uganda Peoples Defense Forces and Uganda Wildlife Authority Game Wardens had kicked off a hunt for kidnappers in trying to locate where the captors are so as to rescue victims of the said abduction.

The dispatch of the elite squad comes hours after captors, using a mobile phone belonging to one of the victims, asked for USD500, 000 in ransom.


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