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Pr. Judith Ssozi Cautions Citizens on Reckless Lifestyles as Easter season approaches 

By Elijah Khisa

As the world prepares to descend  into the Easter festive season  which is  characterized with lots of merry making, feasting and entertainment, there is a need for all to remember that HIV Aids was alive and could destroy them.

The words of caution have been  made by Pastor Judith Ssozi of the Glad Tidings Ministries (GTM) Church at Mulago Kalerwe in Kawempe division during an exclusive interview with this website  focussing on the state of the health of citizens as they enter  the  Easter season.

The highly respected  Pastor  cautioned the citizens that as they move in millions to celebrate the easter  festive season , they must not forget that negative societal  challenges such as  HIV and Aids,  early marriages, illicit drugs, promiscuity,reckless lifestyles  and unemployment are  increasingly  eating up into the young people’s moral fabric especially among  young girls between 12-19 as well as middle aged women.

‘As the church with ultimate mandate to preach spiritual nourishment among the population, we wish to remind you that God created you in his own image and gave you that precious life of which you must guard and protect at all times and as well remember that HIV Aids was still a big threat among younger girl children aged 12-19 take care she cautioned.

At GTM Church we have many youth friendly programs which are designed to keep them busy as opposed to roaming in communities which may trap them into idleness resulting in accessing bad friends who risk exposing them to early sexual escapades to pick HIV Aids.

She congratulated president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni with first lady Janet Kataha Museveni for their wise leadership which has persistently and consistently led to stability of the country saying all positive minded citizens should utilize the opportunity to participate in economic empowerment programs of government to fight poverty.

Pastor Ssozi urged parents to continue  engaging  their children in positive moral building conversations as a deliberate strategy of shaping their future moral fiber given the negative societal challenges such as threats of homosexuality, child sacrifice, kidnaps, drug addictions and substance abuse, domestic violence and corruption among others.

Lillian Ssozi, an inspired young believer while giving her testimony urged the young people to avoid getting lured into criminal activities by wrong groups of people saying it was very risky and that they need to seek both parental and spiritual nourishment from church leaders.

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