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Speaker Anita Among pumps Shs 640 million into Bukedea Women, Youths Groups

By Lawrence Okwakol


128 Enterprise groups from the three sub counties of Kamutur, Aminit and Kolir in Bukedea district received a total of shs.640,000,000 as support from Anita Among  foundation respectively.

Zipporah Akol the political assistant to the speaker of parliament  Anita Annet Among the  women members of parliament for Bukedea district delivered the money.

Akol said given the busy schedule of  Anita Among she couldn’t come but delegated her to hand over money to the 128 groups  from all the 32 parishes in the three sub counties.

Each got shs.5,000,000 as a revolving fund to boost their individual small scale businesses.

Akol said women who need a start up capital of shs. 200,000 for mukene,tomatoes and youths who need to do  saloons and barber shops don’t need to bother themselves with financial institutions that ask  would for  collateral security  which they don’t have.

“Among kicked her program in these sub counties as a pilot by selecting four groups from each parish   two youths and two for women groups. This should not be mistaken as parish development model funds. Other sub counties should be patient as they would  all get; however,  the best ten groups in borrowing and saving will get double after an assessment in six months”,Akol said.

However, Akol said  Anita Among encourages people to plant trees which favors  enterprises like poultry and piggery that  need shelter and above all getting wood as fuel and harmonizing rain patterns.

John Stephen Ocheger of Kasera youths  poultry project applauded Anita Among for supporting youths who are able bodied but lacked capital to turn their dream enterprises to reality.

Ocheger said they are going to spend shs.4,000,000 to buy 200 turkeys each at shs.20,000 and part of the money  for treatment and feed.

“For easy management we shall have ten units each of 20 turkeys and  by December we shall sell each at shs.80,000 to 100,000 making us get over shs. 16,000,000”, Ocheger said.

Joyce Akello, a second hand dealer from Kasera village said she was going to borrow shs.400,000 to boost her running capital of shs.100,000 and pay interest of 4% which  is so fair.

On his part Jackson Ojekede the Kamutur sub county chairperson thanked Anita Among for what he termed as covering 30% of  her manifesto in the first  year.

Ojekede challenged the beneficiaries to utilize the money as planned but  not to divert it.

“Am aware the money has reached us at the time we are experiencing famine in Kamutur but that should not be taken as an excuse,  invest the money well and get the promised double for the best groups.

Angela Akwii from Kabarwa Sub County said though they have not got the funding yet but she was confident of the speaker Among whom she knows as a woman who fulfills pledges.

“The three sub counties of Kolir, Aminit and Kamutur are piloting, if they do well it will give  Anita  to give more empowerment”,Akwii said.

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