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Top African trainer approves Rajiv Ruparelia’s participation in motor rallying

George Mangula

Rajiv Ruparelia, the son of businessman Sudhir Ruparelia has joined rallying officially having received specialised training at South African Rallystar Motorsport Academy, helped by the continent’s top trainer Leon Botha.

“In contrast with some students, where one is slightly hesitant to issue an unconditional recommendation-based on talent and application thereof, I have no hesitation …stating that Rajiv has been the best experience I have ever had or shall I say I enjoyed, from an inexperienced Rally driver. Hard to believe but I have established his inexperience to be true,” said Rajiv’s instructor Botha.

Botha says Rajiv has experience in other fields like Quads, motocross bikes and buggies as well as tarmac driving. “Despite this is was pleasantly surprised at the ability and car control in a power rally car,” he says.

Botha says he has approved Rajiv’s participation in the sport of rallying with a navigator with the required ability and preferably early on Rajiv’s career.

“Rallystar welcomes him (Rajiv) into a sport he has been born for,” Botha says.

Rajiv went to South Africa after trying the game a week ago.

His entrance into the popular sport confirms that tycoons are getting back into the local sport that was in the past dominated by rich businessmen in the names of Karim Hirij, Chipper Adams-nicknamed Corner Specialist, Emma Katto and Moses Lumala.

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