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2021 Elections: MPs under siege revealed

By Henry Mulindwa

Members of Parliament who spend nights without a wink have
been exposed, with a classified list before intelligence
indicating that 89% of the incumbent legislators are treading on
slippery ground.
Although the list is not conclusive, The Second Opinion
understands that most MPs cannot command reasonable
crowds unless they have ‘fully facilitated’ the attendees and
also promised them meals.
“Nobody is safe. The number is growing more. It is not about
money or party but personality and development. Most of
these incumbents just keep around fooling people. The
situation on the ground is harsh for most incumbents. 89% are
under pressure. Many of them are facing not less than four
competitors,” a senior intelligence source, speaking on
condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter
said. The source further noted that the majority are facing
trouble from former MPs especially those from the
9 th  Parliament.
In this detail hereunder, is the list of people who are making
several legislators sleepless.
Kamuli Municipality (Woman)
It is currently represented by Hajat Rehema Watongola, on the
NRM ticket. At the beginning of her term, she suffered a
setback after rumor did rounds that she was an ‘academic

Watongola was initially in bad books with Busoga ‘Political
Queen’ Rebecca Kadaga, whose camp accused the Kamuli
Municipality Woman MP of being an Amama [Mbabazi] ally
alongside former Bugabula South MP Asuman Kiyingi.
Kadaga reportedly succeeded in dislodging Kiyingi and when
the Municipality was created, Watongola had to first reconcile
with the Speaker, who is also the Kamuli Woman MP, to win
the seat.
However, it has emerged that Watongola is once again in an icy
relationship with Kadaga’s camp, who are now reportedly
fronting Proscovia Salaam Musumba to dislodge Watongola.
Bugabula North
Currently represented by State Minister for Karamoja Affairs
Moses Kizige (NRM), the incumbent is reportedly facing former
MP Andrew Allen who is said to be gaining ground.
Allen, a former MP, is also reported to be in good books with
Kadaga’s camp.
Nansana Municipality
Regina Bakitte, of Democratic Party is the Mayor of Nansana
Municipality. But she is reportedly pitching to oust NRM’s
Robert Kasule Ssebunya, the current Nansana Municipality MP.
In 2016 Bakitte tried to stand for the constituency but she was
controversially defeated, prompting her to stand for mayorship
after then mayor Michael Wakaima opted to contest for MP.
Wakaima won but was kicked out by court on grounds that he

never went to school as required by law. The same MP faces
David Katumwa and ‘perennial loser’ Micheal Kibanga [DP].
Mukono Municipality
The area MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke is reportedly ruing her
political fortunes, but she still has an ace upon her sleeves: The
ruling NRM prefers to have Nambooze back to Parliament
because she is allied to Kizza Besigye and not the People Power
Movement of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.
However, Nambooze also reportedly facing another hurdle
posed by fellow DP member Fredrick Kagimu, the Mayor of
Mukono Municipality.
Namutumba woman MP
The area woman MP is Mariam Naigaga. She however, faces
three tough contenders including the former area Woman MP
Florence Mutyabule aka Kazaala Baana; State Minister for
Lands Persis Namuganza and Aisha Komutala, a co-wife to Hajat
For starters, it is said that Naigaga is currently at war with
Namuganza, who happens to be an MP for Bukono County in
the same district, putting her in an awkward situation because,
according to intelligence, the feud is likely to divide the NRM
votes in the district.
Naigaga’s other undoing is an allegation that after winning the
2016 elections, she encouraged several people in her district to
acquire loans in one of the popular banks where she used to

It is said that the naïve voters flocked the bank and got loans
hoping that the MP would assist service them. However, it is
said that most of those who acquired the loans are now losing
their properties because they didn’t have viable projects.
For Florence Mutyabule, it is said she has stands a good chance
at a second shot, as she has taken to social service provision
including fighting malnutrition, saving over 2000 children who
had been affected by kwashikor in the area. She also brought
NGOs such as Food for the Hungry which has worked on various
health centers, taught women how to grow nutritious fruits,
given out seeds, goats for milk and above all, built classroom
blocks in the sub-counties of Kagulu, Irondo, Kasodho among
Other NGOs include Kibo which worked on water and sanitation
and that of Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints which also
worked on water and sanitation at a cost of shs1bn.
But there is also an interesting scenario in the Namutumba
Woman MP contest: Men are complaining that by contesting
for the Namutumba Woman MP seat, Naigaga wants to
challenge her co-wife Hajjati Watongola at the expense of the
voters, and yet still create for her husband Hajji Watongola a
super hero status by having his two wives in Parliament, each
representing different districts of Busoga.
“Other men are wondering if Hajji Watongola is the only bull in
Busoga, having an MP in Kamuli and another in Namutumba,” a
source familiar with the goings-on said.
Kassanda North

It is part of the newly created Kassanda district. Currently, the
area MP Patrick Nsamba Oshabe [NRM] has chosen to abandon
his party and joined opposition pressure group People Power
Movement led by Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.
Nsamba Oshabe is however, under threat as there are three
NRM supporters: Hajji Fahd Kasule, Yasin Kamulegeya and a
one Chiluba, who want to see him off the political scene.
And, according to intelligence, Kasule, who is fresh from studies
in India, is favored to replace Nsamba having done well in
defending the President and the ruling party despite the hostile
environment caused by PPM. On top of this, Kasule has
engaged farmers in modern farming skills.
As for Kamulegeya, he is son to former area MP Haruna
Salabaya and he is also the LC3 chairman of Kassanda sub-
county. He tried to stand for LC5 but he was defeated and also
faces criticism that he is in company of ‘questionable groups’ in
the area. This, coupled with the performance of his dad, is
causing him challenges though he also has some support. It is
therefore, stated that if he comes on NRM ticket, it is sure deal
that Nsamba will reclaim his seat.
As for Chiluba, PPM fanatics claim he is an ‘academic and
political dwarf’ leaving Hajji Kasule as the only hope for the
ruling party to dislodge Nsamba.
Fort Portal North
It is a new constituency carved out of Fort Portal City. The
constituency is politically active and has attracted several
people. The constituency represented by Margaret Muhanga

combines some parts of Fort Portal Municipality and parts of
Burahya County.
Now, we are told Muhanga, who reportedly faces a huge
challenge from Burahya, wants to come as a sole candidate in
the new Fort Portal North constituency.
However, her dream seems to be far from reality as new
formidable faces have emerged, among them former Tooro PM
and Fort Portal Steven Kaliba. Others are Solomon Ruhundwa
and Thomas Kakuru, the latter believed to be a PPM supporter.
Observers opine that that being a city constituency, party
loyalty may not be of much help. Instead, the political pundits
say personality, exposure and good track record will play a
bigger role in deciding the area MP.
For instance, some say that much as Kaliba may have support,
he is taken as politically ‘unstable’.
“He keeps hoping from one party to another,” a source said,
adding that as for Muhanga, she may have questions to answer
including claims that “she at first wanted to frustrate the
creation of Fort City until Local Government Minister Tom
Butime intervened.”
Kabarole Woman MP
The district is represented by Sylivia Rwabwogo [NRM]. But
according to the sources, she has persistently been acting as an
opposition member.
But besides being regarded as an NRM rebel MP, Rwabwogo
might have to prepare more answers to convince voters mainly

youths as to why she caused the arrest and detention of a
young man who allegedly was stalking her.
She is facing stiff competition from Uganda Human Rights
Commission (UHRC) Commissioner Victoria Rusoke whose
camp is reportedly fueling the ‘stalking saga’ among youth.
Bukomansimbi South
The area MP Deogratius Kiyingi subscribes to the opposition
Democratic Party, and intelligence indicates he is ‘not safe at
all’ even within his party.
First of all, rivals say his position on the lifting of the Age Limit is
not known. This is compounded by his wife Florence Nakiwala
Kiyingi being a Minister in the NRM regime, leading to
accusations of ‘sleeping with a mole’ being levelled against the
Also, his wife reportedly wants to stand in Bukomansimbi, a
development that has prompted accusations of ‘family politics’
in their area.
“This has led some people to think he and his wife want to own
the district’s politics. It is for this reason that several
disgruntled people in Bukomansimbi South are pressuring
Maurice Peter Kagimu Kiwanuka, a son to late Chief Justice Ben
Kiwanuka, to return to the political trenches and dislodge
Kagimu is however, still undecided and it is not clear on which
ticket he would run in case he chooses to contest.
Chwa North

Represented by Foreign Affairs State Minister Henry Okello
Oryem, the area is said to be an NRM stronghold. However,
Oryem is reportedly treading on slippery ground, with claims
that the voters want another ‘son of the soil’ Major General
Fred Toolit, “to become MP.”
But sources said this may be difficult because Maj. Gen. Toolit is
still a serving officer of the UPDF, posted to South Africa as
Defence Attaché.
Luuka Woman MP
The Minister for Presidency Esther Mbayo may have to contend
with the twin challenges posed by Gladys Kirunda, wife to the
President’s Special Assistant on Media Faruk Kirunda and
youthful Sandra Nguna, who is the reigning Miss Tourism-
Ms Nguna, who is a professional Urban Planner and currently
an employee of The Second Opinion, is yet to concretely
pronounce her intent to contest, but sources close to her say
she is a go-getter who will stop at nothing to prove her political
Buikwe Woman MP
Judith Babirye is the area woman MP. However, the fierce
battle against her is posed by former Woman MP Dorothy
Babirye also faces serious challenge from youth Diana

“She is young, beautiful and energetic and wants to dislodge
Babirye through the NRM ticket,” a source told this magazine.
Bungokho North
The constituency is currently represented by the Forum for
Democratic Change (FDC’s) Gershom Wambedde who defeated
NRM’s Peter Magomu Mashate with a slight difference of 393
votes in 2016.
Mashate, who is currently the NRM Diaspora Secretary General,
says he is coming back “to liberate my people and work on
several pledges some of which were promised by the area MP
but he allegedly failed to address them.”
Former MP Yahaya Gudoi is also on the list on contestants, but
sources indicate Mashate Magomu stands a better chance.
Kabale Municipality
It is currently run by Aja Andrew Baryayanga who is an
independent but with opposition leanings. His main rival is Gen.
Mutebile Sabiiti who recently retired from the forces.
Mbale Municipality
Incumbent Jack Wamai Wamanga, a two-term MP for Mbale
Municipality may have to think of an alternative job after this
current term. Sources in the constituency indicate one Isaac
Nabende has raised the stakes since the death of Wamai’s
potential political rival James Mutende Shinyabulo, who was
the State minister for Industry.
Mityana North

According to sources, Mityana North MP Godfrey Kiwanda
Ssuubi, who is also the State Minister for Tourism, will need to
up his game to stave off challenge from Nsegumire Kibedi, Allan
Ashimye and youthful Simon Rusoke aka Symo.
“He is under siege. Whereas he has excelled in organizing
tourism pageants like ‘Miss Curvy’ the constituency is on the
other hand curving in on him! a source intimated.
According to the source Kiwanda faces a serious challenge from
wealth city politician Nsegumire Kibedi, who has splashed wads
and created employment for youths at his several factories.
Previously a ‘perennial loser’ in city politics, Nsegumire’s
supporters say this time round in Mityana Kiwanda will be ‘a
very good meal’ for their boss to swallow.
Then there is also Allan Nshimye, son of former MP and Cabinet
Minister, Justice Sebuturo Nshimye, who many say is
contemplating standing, while youthful Simon Rusoke aka
Symo, the proprietor of Koko Bar in Ntinda, is also in the race to
represent Mityana North in the 11 th Parliament.
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