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Mbonye boy joins NRM, Targets Campaign Dime

There is already tongues wagging in the camp of city ‘Prophet’, Elvis Mbonye.

This, after his much known follower and ‘son’, rapper Edwin Ruyonga suddenly changed his attire to yellow, a color identical to the ruling party – NRM.


Our team bumped in to him on Tuesday. It was exactly 6pm when Ruyonga walked his way through Bugolobi taxi stage to the market lane before crossing into Naigaga Complex from where his head went missing.

But where he was coming from, or going, is not important. His dress code is.

His had a nice yellow polo t-shirt on. His shirt was matched with an equally nice boots, yellow. Onlookers did all they could – looked. But this was the very day NRM party Chairman, Yoweri Msueveni was at NRM EC offices from where he was named party’s sole candidate in the 2021 Presidential race. Is it a coincidence, others inquired. With this, industry players think, by embracing yellow, he could be eyeing for NRM campaigns, aware this comes with ‘envelopes’ and with the fact that churches (he spends most of his time) remain closed.

In the previous elections, political party supporters were treated to stage performances from artists. NRM, as always, attracts the biggest – The Ruyonga’s. But as it is, we can only wait.

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