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Mubaje, IERA Delegation Agree On Future Partnership

His Eminence Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje the Mufti of Uganda has received Mr. Adnan Rashid and Mr. Adil Nahdy  from the Islamic Education & Research Academy-IERA, a Global Outreach Islamic Propagation Organisation based in the United Kingdom (UK). 

The two are the Head and Deputy of the IERA African Department respectively.

They informed the Mufti that their Organization was established to spread the good message of Islam globally to pre-empt fears, hate and intolerance against Muslims that rose  because of ignorance among the world’s population. 

They also revealed that they are involved in non-sectarian humanitarian support activities including  provision of safe water, construction of schools, health facilities, mosques and empowering reverts that freely choose Islam as their personal spiritual life. 

They disclosed that they have partnered with other organisations with similar objectives that have assisted them to operate in all continents including Africa and have so far reached countries such as Tanzania, Malawi, Botswana and Namibia. 

They also revealed that they have identified  Uganda as one of the many places they wish to roll out their activities.  

“We only work after authorization from the Governments and seek partnership with recognised National Muslim Organizations. That is why we wish to establish a partnership with UMSC,” said Mr. Adinan Rashid.  

The guests revealed that they have been providing charity to Ugandans through One Ummah, a Ugandan based  non- profit Organization for a couple of years. 

In his remarks, Mufti Mubaje hailed the Organization for the great service they are rendering in promoting Islam globally. 

“The image of Islam has been tainted for decades due to endless wars in Middle Eastern Countries, which are at the heart of the Muslim World.  So it a challenge to present Islam as a religion of peace. So we salute you for standing up to propagate Islam,” said Sheikh Mubaje.  

He informed the guests that UMSC has  a good working relationship with the Government of Uganda and works closely with other faith groups to promote religious tolerance,  peace and humanitarian activities.   

The two parties identified areas of future cooperation that include promoting Islamic theology through Muslim projects such as Education,  training  Village Mosque Imams and setting media channels such as Radio and Television stations to enhance the  life of communities.

They also agreed to actualise the cooperation through a  Memorandum of Understanding that they will sign in the near future. 

The Meeting was attended by their Eminences Sheikh Abdallah Ibrahim Ssemambo Tamusuza, the Deputy Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa, the 2nd Deputy Mufti, UMSC Hon Secretary General Ramathan Mugalu and members of the National UMSC Management.

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