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BOBI RIOTS! UPDF Returns To Aid Police On Strict Curfew Enforcement

By Francis Otucu

Effective Thursday, the Uganda Peoples Defense Force (UPDF) reinforced deployment to protect critical infrastructure and installations. As a result, the public is informed not to do any activity close or within such environments. According to Deputy army spokesman, Lt. Col. Deo Akiiki, the reinforcement followed the lawlessness that broke out after Police’s arrest of presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi on Wednesday. The arrest sent Kampala and its neighborhood into violence with rioters calling for his release.

However, Lt. Col. Akiiki sayd UPDF will carry out extensive pre-emptive and decisive operations to deal with the planned and premeditated designs of criminal minded elements in the entire Kampala metropolitan area and entire country.

“The UPDF commiserates with the families of those innocent Ugandans who have lost their lives in the senseless incursions which would have been otherwise avoided if everyone played his or her role responsibly. This must not happen again during or after this electioneering period. We shall take a reinforced posture across the districts of Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso, Entebbe and its environs to enable us to do a mobile thrust in and outside of the city. We shall respond and react quickly and effectively to any incident of criminality across levels. All roads feeding into the city shall jointly be manned while outside forces provide security to all highways to ensure that no individual or groups disrupt the normal flow of traffic and business. All our deployments across the country are on a preemptive posture to disable and dismantle any criminal-minded cell and act decisively to ensure security and normalcy in their area of responsibility. These may include but not limited to power stations, fuel reserves and other critical public use infrastructures and services. We shall jointly pursue the already identified culpable leaders of these criminal groups whose status shall be determined by security depending on the gravity of their already unearthed plans. Surveillance mechanisms have been put in place to nip in the bud all evil plans by the already identified groups and individuals bent to met chaos to Ugandans. UPDF and its auxiliary forces shall support the police to now strictly enforce the curfew. The public is prior warned not to be on roads after 2100hrs unless you are authorized to,” Lt. Col. Akiiki said at a media briefing at the Media Centre in Kampala on Friday.

Lt. Col. Akiiki appealed to Ugandans to corporate with security to isolate a few criminal-minded people to keep our country safe and secure. Elections will come and go but Uganda will remain

“No amount of pressure or influence whether internal or external should divert us from protecting our motherland,” he said.

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