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Bugisu gang up against Wanyoto over Galiwango sacking

By Nathan Ngobi

National Resistance Movement party members and voters in Bugisu sub-region, Mbale in particular, have raised an accusing finger against Lydia Wanyoto, threatening to gang up and vote against her over the sacking of Dr. Hassan Galiwango.

President Yoweri Museveni, the NRM National Chairman last week made changes at the party secretariat.

In the changes, Dr. Galiwango, the long serving key party Mobilizer and Director Finance and Administration was dropped and replaced with Koboko district NRM Chairperson, Medina Neham.

Although the President made other changes in nominating Jacquiline Kyatuheire (National treasurer), Mathias Kasamba  (Director Mobilisation)  and Emmanuel Dombo  (Director information and publicity), a section of voters of Mbale are angry and have accused Wanyoto Mutende  as the only cause of Dr. Galiwango’s sacking.

Alex Maasa,  the NRM party Chairman for Northern division and former head of taskforce for Wanyoto revealed that for a long time, Wanyoto has been fighting to remove Galiwango from the secretariat using her position as NRM national women’s league Chairperson Wanyoto

“She has been peddling lies about Galiwango during CEC meetings and after Galiwango’s sacking,  her camp has been jubilating on social media,” Maasa said.

He said that although changes are health, removing Galiwango from the NRM secretariat has demoralized the NRM party in Bugisu and Mbale.

To this, they have vowed to give a sympathy vote to Connie Nakayenze Galiwango over her husband’s loss. Wanyoto has reportedly shown interest in Nakayenze’s seat.


Umar Muzi, the city councilor for Namatala ward, Mbale said that Bugisu had threatened to go on demonstrations over Galiwango’s sacking.

However, their demo was halted by Galiwango who was not in support of it.

He said that time has come for the opposition to take over Mbale, again, from lower political positions to the presidential elections and that Wanyoto will be punished for her sin.

Mohamood Masaba, the Mbale district NRM Chairman said that the changes were good although it affected the people of Mbale.

Masaba said those behind Galiwango’s sacking will be punished in the next elections.  

Benard Mujasi, the LCV chairman, Mbale said that as Mbale, “We knew who has been peddling and meddling wrong information about Galiwango and now time is ripe for her to pay by losing an election.”

He said that President Museveni and NRM should wait for a protest vote from Bugisu in the coming general election if he does not act otherwise.

Galiwango was instrumental in reconciling minister Werike Micheal Kafabusa and Mujasi, he paid school fees for needy students at all levels of education and mobilized for his party heavily against the opposition in the region.

By press time, Wanyoto was yet to respond to our repeated phone calls.

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  1. Was the position permanently meant for Galiwango? Why do people fear change? We should have listened to the late Apollo Nsibambi who remarked that once you assume office, prepare to leave.

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