Unveiling The Babe Who Lured Ntagali Into Eating ‘Forbidden Fruit’
January 19, 2021
NEW DETAILS: Babe who lured Ntagali to poll in her box, Mama Beatrice are sisters
January 20, 2021
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CITY LAWYER: Ntagali Gave In To Human Visitation

Social media and subsequently print media have been awash with stories of a relationship involving His Grace and another woman not being his wife. Many condemned the man of God, I beg to differ!

Archbishop Ntagali fell victim to circumstances. All men/ human beings fall short of glory but the grace is abundant for us all. Many men including many men of valour but such secrets have remained tacked away.

In the Bible the most Celebrated after Jesus Christ- King David, very polygamous, fell for Bathsheba, a wife to Uriah the hittite and even caused the death of Uriah. God appeared to him through Prophet Nathan 2Samuel Chapter 12 punished him but forgave him. David lost his first child with Bathsheba because of God’s anger, but his 2nd child with Bathsheba, Solomon would eventually become the successor of David, wisest king and builder of Jerusalem, as the main house of the lord. In Psalms 89:20- 30, God an affectionate covenant with David, fondly referred to as a man after God’s heart

Like any Human being Arch Bishop Ntagali gave in to human visitations. Instead of condemning him, let’s sympathize with him, encourage him to enable him regain his spiritual strength.

In John 8:7, when Jesus was confronted by the Scribes and Pharisees about a woman caught in adultery, his words were let any one of you without sin be the first to cast a stone at her ( stoning was the punishment in accordance with the Laws of Moses for a woman caught in adultery). His Grace Kazimba is a human being and anything can happen.

From the way he is handling Ntagali issue its like he is trying to prove a point but his move will divide the church.

In the Book of Genesis Chapter 2 God punishes Adam and Eve not only for eating the Forbidden Fruit but running away from him after sinning.

The hierarchy at Church of Uganda has mishandled a rather sensitive matter by playing in the gallery. I pray for God’s abundant grace to be restored upon us for we have all fallen short of God’s Glory. Let’s be each brother’s keeper for that’s when the blessings of the lord shall be fully be on us.

The Author is an Advocate, social commentator and a Christian

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