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January 19, 2021
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Unveiling The Babe Who Lured Ntagali Into Eating ‘Forbidden Fruit’

By Francis Otucu

Tuesday morning, the media was soiled with news that retired archbishop, The Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali, has been banned from performing priestly duties over adultery.

But the female ‘friend’ was never mentioned.

However, in this piece, we paint a picture of who she really is. But we shall not name her, at least at this point, for legal reasons.

For starters, she is a slayer and hails from Kigezi.

She only connects with the rich and famous.

After a year or so of sex, there are claims of pregnancy, leading to marriage.

This, she does to people with a name to protect.

Not long ago, she got married to a Kabale reverend.

Reports indicate she has rushed to court seeking divorce and a share of his property.

This, after barely a year of ‘marriage’. Within this period, she was reportedly side-kicking with a bishop in the area.

This came with child support from both the reverend and the bishop.

Besides, she claims to be mothering a child to a prominent NRM official from Kanungu in Kigezi region. Out of this, she milks money for child support.

Back to the reverend-bishop game, the pair got to know themselves. They were polling in the same box.

The matter was settled within the church hierarchy but leaked to the bishop’s wife. It was then that the matter blew up.

“She always threatened him with kuloopa if he didn’t give her what she wanted. He kept the ransom, selling off his properties until the wife got wind of it ngayagala kutunda maka,” a claims a source. She finally sued the reverend for divorce and the case is reportedly before Mbarara court.

Believers think Ntagali has been in this trap for long, without a safe way out.  

This news, however, also came at an interesting time. First, of course announced by the successor, Kazimba Mugalu, but also at a time when the Anglican Church and the Catholic Church are at ‘war’.

In a prayer for peace held recently, the Anglican church did not honor the invitation. The speculation about the rift grew even stronger.

It remains to be seen how accusation against Ntagali will play out.

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