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By Sadique Bamwita
As the political temperature continues to soar across the country ahead of 2021 general elections, the Leadership of National Unity Platform(NUP) in Entebbe Municipality has strongly warned its candidates or flag bearers against telling lies or making empty promises to the electorate during campaign rallies.

The warning was sounded by Augustine Bwete, the party General secretary in Entebbe Municipality during the unveiling ceremony of 62 candidates or party flag bearers who successfully went through the vetting exercise.
“Don’t promise the electorate what you can’t fulfil. Be truthful to them and promise what is in your limit.
Bwete noted that  all the party candidates have been lectured on the necessary campaign tactics that would enable them to see off their political opponents in 2021 elections.
“ We have trained all our flag bearers and equiped them with the necessary cmapaign tactics. We expect victory in 2021 because our candidates have the potential to convince the voters to vote them.

Micheal Kakembo Mbwatekamwa, who beat two of his competitors in the party race for Entebbe Municipality member of parliament seat, said once elected MP he intends to fix a number of things which the incumbent has failed to work on.
“Hopefullly if am elected the MP I intend to do a lot which my predecessors failed to do. When I go to parliament I will lobby for better infractrure development for the people of Entebbe. Stuart Lubwama and Robert Masazi, who both  lost the party election to Micheal Kakembo pledged to support the party flag bearer but expressed disappointment to their supporters who were behind them.
“ Our voters are disapointed but we shall do our best to convince them rally behind the party flag bearers.

On the other hand, Oliver Nasuna Nakamanya Kayondo, the NUP Entebbe Municipality Mayoral flag bearer pledged to fix a number of things that would benefit the electorate including a projet that would help single mothers manage themselves economically.

Sylivia Mbabazi, the National Unity Platform registrar in Entebbe who headed the vetting exercise of the party candidates, said that initially the party had assigned Muhammed Kawuma,the ex-Entebbe Municipality legislator to vet candidates but he messed up the whole process prompting her intervention.
“We were forced to sack Kawuma from the vetting committee after it was discovered he had ring fenced all the party posts to his friends only.
So were decided to sack him and dropped all the candidates who are his friends and selected candidates basing on merit.

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