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LEAKED AUDIO! THE TRUTH: Inside Minister Aceng, Engola, RDC Gun Fight

By Francis Otucu

“We have brought to your table several times the issue of the RDC of Lira. Take him with you. We don’t want him here. Give us a new RDC who can handle issues of NRM very well…,” part of the audio in which Health Minister and Lira City Woman Member of Parliament aspirant, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, told President Yoweri Museveni in his recent visit to Lira, to drop and replace Lira Resident District Commission, Milton Odongo.

Earlier, a letter dated October 1, 2020 purportedly authored by the embattled RDC emerged on social media.

“Your Excellency, these so called politicians who have now failed in convincing the voters have now turned against me and the general public of Lira district and they are scaring the lives of business community in Lira district,” part of the letter reads.

On why Dr. Aceng and Engola are against him, ‘Odongo said: “Your Excellency, these people are against me because i really don’t support their dubious act of robbing my business community in Lira district and i pray your immediate action against Dr. Aceng Jane Ruth and Engola Sam.”

‘Odongo’ pleaded, “Your Excellency, i prayyou don’t transfer me from Lira district as i am working very hard to see that NRM succeeds in Lira district.”

However, without having to rely on the letter, which names Dr. Aceng and ex-minister, Sam Engola, to be wielding guns in hunt for votes, through their cronies, there is bad blood between Dr. Aceng and Engola Vs Odongo.

Well-placed sources link the bad blood to the ploy to have Odongo fired and have a loyal National Resistance Movement cadre, Lawrence Egole, currently the RDC, Dokolo return to Lira. “That’s where the bad blood stems from. Odongo feels his position is threatened,” a deep throat source told this writer.

Weeks ago, propagandists liked to Dr. Aceng and Engola spread on social media how Egole had returned to Lira. Insiders say, nothing like this had been discussed with the office of the presidency. “Nothing like this is being discussed. The President, in as much as RDCs don’t directly report to him, is very busy with campaigns,” an insider said.

To political players in Lira, the bad blood gives Dr. Aceng’s opponent, Joy Ongom, something to smile about. “Ordinarily, Odongo should be fighting for Dr. Aceng. However, where he finds himself, he has to defend his job than have Dr. Aceng throw him out of office,” a source with a wealth of on-goings in Lira told us last night. It should be noted that for nearly a decade, Lira municipality seat and Lira (woman MP) seats have been in the hands of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC).

Ongom is an incumbent (Woman) while Jimmy Akena occupies municipality seat. It will be interesting to see how the NRM unites, and takeover Lira from the UPC.

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