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U.S Gov’t Tells Citizens In Uganda: Stop wearing military attire

By Francis Otucu

The U.S. Embassy in Uganda has advised its citizens in Uganda to exercise increased caution and attention to the wearing of clothing which could be perceived as “military” in nature by Ugandan Police and Military authorities. In a statement Wednesday evening, the U.S Mission in Uganda quoted Section 160 of The Uganda People’s Defence Forces Act of 2005 that requires that members of the public refrain from the wearing of any items which may be perceived by authorities as military in nature. The Act stipulates that only items “likely to deceive the public” are prohibited. “However, the U.S. Embassy is aware of incidents in which Ugandan authorities have stopped and questioned persons wearing or possessing military style clothing. These items, which may seem innocuous to American sensibilities, may include: Civilian clothing items with camouflage patterns of all colors to include fluorescent and neon (hats, shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, etc.); · Dress items of khaki, green, blue, and red clothing with accoutrements which may resemble military attire.” In the recent part, the police and the army have arrested people wearing clothes similar to that of the army.

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