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NRM’s Dr. Wambaka advises party on true scientific polls

By Nathan Ngobi

Budadiri West National Resistance Movement (NRM) MP aspirant Dr. Kosea Wambaka Makwasi has urged the party to adopt social distance lining up in the forthcoming party primaries.

Dubbed “The Computer Pound Man” because of his long list of academic qualifications, Wambaka gave the counsel in respect to the current deadlock that has gripped the party in regard to how best to conduct the internal polls.

It should be noted that the NRM Electoral Commission earlier this week came up and conceded being lost for the best options on how to conduct primaries for its party candidates.

Following the deadlock, the Electoral Commission forwarded the matter to the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) for deliberation and final guidance. Reports indicate that the CEC will pronounce itself on the matter tomorrow.

But speaking to the Second Opinion, the highly schooled Wambaka whose quick thinking and academic qualifications are as legendary as the “Mundu and Sera legend” in Bugisu believes the party can simply adopt current guidelines on the covid-19 prevention procedures to conduct the elections.

According to Dr. Wambaka, exercising social distance, use of masks and sanitizing by voters is just enough to allow the party primaries go on without much ado. “We have Covid-19 and an election; so it is a matter of telling voters to observe SOPs and elections take place. But for campaigns it is impossible to manage rallies because most people would penetrate the rallies from different places unlike voting, Dr. Wambaka said.

Wambaka premises his argument on the fact that these being party primaries, they will draw only NRM candidates that can easily be guided by the district party committees to exercise discipline and vote as per set standard operating procedures (SOPs).

“For the villages, the social fabric is still intact and as such communities live as close individuals. That means everyone in the community is known to the other and as such any infiltrators can be easily identified and stopped from voting or causing chaos,” Wambaka says. He adds that owing to that fact, voters can be made to line up 2-meters from one another and sanitize before and after voting to contain the spread of the virus.

Wambaka argues that for urban places and the cities the election would be managed under some difficulties due to some stubborn characters. However, he is hopeful that voting there can also be done smoothly because the town dwellers have masks and have been much sensitized about the virus so they can easily follow the SOPs with adequate security deployment.

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