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Resolve issue of NRM register – Tumwebaze

By Francis Otucu

Gender, Labor and Social Development Minister, Frank Tumwebaze, has raised concern over the controversial National Resistance Movement (NRM) party register.

Tumwebaze’s concern comes in the wake of the recently concluded NRM primaries, where over 350 petitions have already been filed before the party EC for non-voter appearance on the register.

“I know this is controversial, but as @NRMOnline we need to discuss & resolve the issue of a register bse (sic) in every primary election disputes largely stem from this,” Tumwebaze tweeted, before suggesting that the party adopts use of National EC register.

“What if we did away with the issue of the party register & used the national register of @UgandaEC in our primaries?” he wondered.

He added: “Yes I know the argument is that non-party members will vote. That is fine. The NRM flagbearer who wins the primaries will still need to be voted by the same non-party supporters in the general election. And if that is the case why bother with a separate party register? When our national chairman H.E Kaguta Museveni guided that every person missing on the register but who can be identified by the NRM village branch committee as a party member should vote, some non-party members in some areas voted & this angered some contenders. The truth is; the same non-party members will still be met by at the general election. Better allow them early to vote & may be recruit them. Me, I vouch for using of the national register. Whoever wins the primary will more or less have won the general election.”

Over 10 lawyers have been lined up to handle matters that came up from NRM primaries.

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