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Umukhukha saga: Gender Minister Amongi blasts Kakoza Mutale over RCC Washaki

By Nathan Ngobi

“Kakoza Mutale has no powers to stop my ministerial directive on cultural matters,” says Amongi

Betty Amongi the minister for Gender Labour and Social Development says that (Rtd) Maj. Kakooza Mutale has no powers to stop her ministerial directive given to Mbale RCC Ahamed Washaki to mediate into Bugisu cultural conflict.

“ Kakooza Mutale has no powers to stop my ministerial directive, Washaki must continue with his mediation and give the ministry a report within one month, if I needed advice about my ministry I would get it from the Attorney General not Kakooza Mutale” Amongi told The Second Opinion.

Following the continuous unresolved cultural conflict in Bugisu over who was legitimately elected cultural leader of Inzu Ya Masaba between Wagabyalire John and Jude Mike Mudoma, the Gender, labour and social development  (cultural affairs) minister Betty Amongi on 2nd Dec 2021 penned  a directive to Mbale RCC Ahamed Washaki to intervene and mediate between the conflicting parties within one month and give a final report that the ministry would consider to Gazzate the new cultural leader of Bugisu.

However after her directive a group claiming to be loyalists to Wagabyalire John wrote and circulated missives rejecting the  ministerial directive to have Washaki mediate over the matters  on ground that he would be biased.

On 5th Jan 2022 Rtd. Maj. Kakoza Mutale wrote a shocking dossier  directing the minister for Gender labour and social development Betty Among to stop Mbale RCC from conducting his role of mediation on ground that he is biased, that Inzu saga needed a none Mugisu to mediate .

 According to the letter signed by Maj. Rtd Kaooza Mutale as director special duties and senior presidential advisor to the president and addressed to the gender minister , Kakooza noted that   there is permanent need to verify the authenticity of the 26 clan leaders of Inzu ya Bamasaba  by Government Security agencies  led by the ISO  before Government can ably engage them in reconciliatory or arbitration touching Inzu   Ya Bamasaba cultural institution .

He went ahead and pointed out that there is need to maintain the line ministry’s role in the reconciliatory or arbitration process conducted with the 26 clan leaders by appointing a none Mugisu official from the ministry of Gender , labour and social development to oversee the said exercise.

Authorizing the Mbale RCC who is a Mumasaba  may not demonstrate  transparency in the anticipated exercise as he will be suspected of being biased .

RCC being the chairperson of the district security committee can not by virtue of his see the said cultural reconciliatory exercise …… read parts of Rtd. Maj. Kakooza Mutale letter .

When this media house reached out on  Amongi’s position over Kakoza Mutale’s letter she rubbished the fellow and referred to him as a bluffing person.

“It is true Kakoza Mutale is a presidential advisor not an advisor to my ministry rather he has no powers to stop my directive as a minister we are far different in terms of executing our duties” Among said.

Washaki must continue with his work, Kakoza has no powers to stop him, matters of Bugisu must be resolved and solved by fellow Bagisu  none Bagisu , when we had the Kayunga impase in Buganda it was resolved by Baganda  none  Baganda , the Basoga also sorted out their matters themselves, she added.

I have followed the Bugisu cultural conflict with a lot of care and studied what my predecessor left so what am doing is the right thing, those opposing Washaki are wasting time like they have always done when the report come out we shall not say they never participated.

“Kakoza Mutale is undisciplined officer  it is on record even the president knows him so he can write anything to appease those who went to him but my position is clear Washaki is handing the mediation matters of the Bugisu cultural conflict amicably”. Amongi said.

She added that Washaki was given a little time to mediate , if they  are in for peace making then they should allow him to come up with the report other than using Kakoza Mutale to disorganize the ongoing process of mediation.

 Meantime the state minister for Elderly Dominic  Gidudu  Mafabi  on his behalf said that he was in Bugisu last week to open up a Bugisu Cooperative Union (BCU) at Wash and Wills Hotel but information he gathered was that Washaki mediation process was going on well after meeting various stake holders who included politicians, Religious leaders , Opinion leaders , the Elderly  who are giving him their positions and opinion on how and who  was legitimately elected cultural leader of Bamasaba.

“Matters of Bugisu , our culture and the rest must be sorted out by us the Bamasaba not bringing an outsider to decide for us” Mzee Gidudu Mafabi Dominic told the Second Opinion .

 However on her behalf Bulambuli district woman MP and former minister for energy Irene Muloni told us that the Bugisu cultural leader impasse is matter of Bamasaba and all solutions over the issues are in the hands of the Bagisu so  Rtd. Maj. Kakoza Mutale should not meddle and disorganize the ongoing peaceful mediation process.

“I am in support of the Washaki mediation process which I thick would give the best results and create unity  so as to have one cultural leader whom the ministry  could Gazzate as we embrace the new Imbalu year 2022” Irene  Muloni.

It is a shame to us  Bamasaba if we  cannot resolve our own conflict but  we go ahead to ask  Kakoza Mutale to advise to  bring in a none Mumasaba to mediate  then we are not serious. Added Irene Muloni.

She said that the former Gender minister Frank Tumwebaze called for  stakeholders meeting in Kampala where he invited Bugisu big wigs and elders including the two conflicting cultural leaders Jude Mike Mudoma and Wagabyalire John.

During  the meeting he resolved that the two cultural heads should go back to Mwambu clan that could decide who was the legitimately elected Umukhukha

 However  instead one party rejected to go to Mutufu and  the one who went Mudoma Jude was approved while his  names  were  sent to culture council in Mbale ,  that also forwarded  it to the Governing council which took  the report and names to the Gender ministry in Kampala.

On Kakoza Mutale’s letter , Irene Muloni revealed that there are many presidential advisors from Bugisu including herself who would write to advise the president on matters of Inzu other than Mutale who instead is confusing Bamasaba.

Bugisu has senior presidential advisors who include Benard Mujasi for Bugisu affairs who got a terrible accident late last year, Beth Maumbe the wife to late  NRM Historical Maumbe Muhwana , professor Timothy Wangutsha advisor on Linguistics , Beatrice Wabudeya one for veteran affairs and Irene Muloni.

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