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January 8, 2021
Bobi, NRM Out Plan B As Foreign Powers Cited In 2021 Polls
January 13, 2021
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National Unity Platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has established a remote tally centre manned by the Americans, The Second Opinion has exclusively learnt. The news of this tally centre was confirmed by highly placed sources in the Kamwokya-based opposition outfit. The sources revealed that the tally centre is manned by the Americans in collaboration with selected digital experts. It has also emerged that the same centre which is located in an undisclosed area in Kampala for fear of security raid is responsible for the recent development and launch of UVote, a vote monitoring application. It is worth noting that recently, NUP boss Kyagulanyi launched the app which he said they are going to use to record and monitor tomorrow’s (January 14th) election results across the country. During the same launch which coincided with his end of year address on January 3, 2021 at his home in Magere, Bobi wine said the #UVote App will be NUP’s tally center. “We have been building an app that will help us bring together the results of this election and we shall send it to you by WhatsApp. With that app, you ensure that you get the declaration form, take a picture and send it to that application,” Kyagulanyi said. The application according to Kyagulanyi was to be downloaded from app-storage application, Google play store, with the deadline for downloading set before the January 14th, 2021 election day.


The confirmation of the American involvement in the tally center confirms earlier revelations by President Museveni who in a recent interview accused Bobi Wine of being supported and financed by foreigners who are believed to have sinister motives for Uganda.According to Museveni’s revelation, the Bobi Wine backers include Europeans and homosexuals whose major aim is to occasion presidential change in the country.

Bobi Defensive

However, Bobi Wine has severally defended his association with foreigners, saying even president Museveni got foreign backing when fighting the repressive regimes of Idi Amin and Milton Obote. In an exclusive interview with a NUP insider, the outfit defended their association with the Americans — especially as regards the parallel tally Centre. “America would be right to identify themselves with NUP because we have proved to be the biggest opposition political party in the country now. They also know that our agenda is genuinely to redeem this country from Museveni’s dictatorship,” the source said. He urged Museveni not to cry about foreign intervention on NUP’s side because right from the onset of his NRM/A rebellion, he has always relied on foreign support. “That’s why you see he had the courage to go to the bush when he lost the 1980 general elections yet he was not the genuine complainant. History shows that he got military support from Mwalimu Nyerere of Tanzania, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and undocumented support from Sweden where he hid his family during his bush war,” the source said. “So, the Americans find substance in protecting and supporting NUP to end the dictatorship in Uganda.” Speaking about the tally centre, the NUP honcho noted that the Americans are heavily entrenched in this year’s electoral process and know whatever will be taking place in every polling station. It is for this reason that they introduced hi-tech tallying with an aim to overcome possible barriers. “We’re not jokers; we have beaten the government technology to man the tallying of this election. So even if they ban the internet, all social and local traditional media, we are not scared. NUP won’t be affected; we shall get every result at every polling station in this country,” the source said.


It is worth noting, however, that NUP’s tally centre is not a point in isolation. In fact, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) last month announced that it will set up its own tally centre for the election results. The move was announced by Saleh Kamba, the NRM head of political intelligence at the office of the national chairperson (ONC)., said the party will have its own tally centre in Kampala to coordinate and collect results of their presidential candidate after the polls.“So we shall have an automatic tally application provided by the national chairman’s tally centre through which the results stated on the official declaration form at the district level will be sent,” Kamba revealed while speaking at the launch of the NRM voter protection teams at the ONC head offices in Kyambogo, Kampala on December 16, 2020. Just like it is for NUP, Kamba said the tally centre will be manned by political and IT experts to ensure the results are swiftly tallied. “As the Electoral Commission receives results from the districts, for us we expect the agents to have informed us of what happened at the polling station in advance to help counter if there is a problem at the district because if the results which reached the district are different from what we received directly from the polling stations, then we shall be able to verify and counter,” he added. Emphasizing the hi-tech nature of the tally system, he said; “In most cases we are going to be online. We are going to supply an application because that is the reason why at recruitment of vote protectors, we emphasized the issue of having a smart phone,” Kamba said.


The NUP and NRM’s parallel tally centres may remain just on paper following a directive against such moves by the Electoral Commission. While addressing journalists during the flag-off of election materials last Wednesday, Electoral Commission chairman Justice Simon Byabakama Mugenyi, said that under the law, there is only one recognized tally center, that is the national tally center for the presidential elections and the district tally centers for the parliamentary and other categories of elections. He thus warned political parties and opposition candidates against having parallel election results tally centers. According to Byabakama, he doesn’t understand the rationale of any party having a parallel tally center which is not provided for in the law. He said he will be left with no option apart from calling upon security to prevail upon those that will go against this directive and use these centers to declare results. However, NUP publicist Joel Ssenyonyi scoffed at Byabakama’s directive. He vowed that NUP will have a tally centre at all cost, bragging that even if security raids the place, they will not stop any activity in regard to vote tallying. “I can assure you that we are going to have a tally center to add our votes. If the police invade it, they will be invading a wrong place because they will not know where it is,” Ssenyonyi said.


Meanwhile, with just hours left to the long-awaited 2021 presidential elections, NUP president Bobi Wine’s probable cabinet lineup has leaked to us. Details of the leaked cabinet show that in naming his team of possible ministers should NUP win the presidency, Bobi Wine is aiming at fostering national unity and easing the burden on the Ugandan taxpayer. As such, his cabinet has been christened the taxpayer’s cabinet, should NUP win the elections. The cabinet is also an improvement of what NUP feels have been major weaknesses by President Museveni’s cabinet, mainly in terms of big numbers and excessive powers accorded to the principal. The list on our desk includes Bobi wine’s current rivals in the ongoing race as well as members of the ruling NRM party.


Vice President

According to NUP strategists, Bobi Wine intends to have a Deputy Vice president just like it is in America and Kenya. This is different from the current scenario where Museveni has a vice president. The difference is that the Deputy President has more powers than the vice president. This explains why there is now a common joke that current Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi is the greatest example of a sycophant Uganda has ever had. Should Bobi Wine go through, he intends to have regional vice presidents who will be just below the deputy president, with each of the four regions in the country getting a single VP who will however have other ministerial duties so as not to bloat the cabinet.

Prime Minister

Should Bobi Wine become president, plans are underway to elevate the incoming prime minister to an executive one unlike the current setup where the premier has less powers. NUP strategists say this will ease the burden of work on the president thus enabling him to only directly handle the most pertinent issues that strictly require the president’s attention. And as per the current plan, this position is being prepared for someone from eastern Uganda should NUP take power.


We have also exclusively learnt that to avoid having a long trail of presidential advisors, Bobi Wine planned a two-chamber parliament consisting of the House of Lords and House of Commons. As per plans, the lower house (of commons) will be made up of the current setup of MPs chosen by the people. It will however be trimmed and made leaner than the current parliament in terms of numbers. On the other hand, the upper house (of Lords) will be made up of eminent Ugandans that have massively contributed to this country but have no interest in active politics. These will be drawn from different sectors of the society where they have drawn admirable experience and shown unrivalled excellence. These will then serve as presidential advisors of sorts but will also have the power to make critical strategic decisions so as to check the interests of the pure politicians.

Below is the cabinet nominees (which are however subject to change as per NUP sources):

Dr. Lina Waru Abuku Zedriga:

She is being mooted to serve as Vice President northern region and Minister in Charge of Education.

Norbert Mao

The DP president’s profile is legendary. He will be named science and technology minister should NUP take power. He is part of national unity government lot.

Jolly MugishaShe is a famous women rights activist. She is lined to be Vice president western Uganda and Minister in Charge of Presidency should NUP assume power.Mathias Mpuuga

An avid mobiliser and activist, Mpuuga has been the brain behind some of the deadliest protests in the country. He coined the walk-to-work protests before coming up with other activist outfits such as 4GC and A4C. he however only toned down when government conditioned him to either tone down on his activism or forget about his vocational school along Mityana road whose licence needed renewal. Given his excellent organization and strategic thinking skills, he is lined to become Vice president central Uganda. His role should NUP take power will be to ensure Buganda regions its former glory as the leading coffee and banana growing region in Uganda.

John Baptist Nambeshe

Before his rise to an MP, Nambeshe was a famed onion trader at Jinja Central Market. He was also the chairman Jinja Central Market traders association and owned stalls at Bugembe market in Jinja. He is however a fearless man and this is displayed in his stand against the NRM establishment to which he belonged before crossing to People Power. These attributes have seen him be trusted to serve as Vice President Eastern region/Minister for Trade, Industry and Cooperatives. However, he is also lined to take up the position of Executive Prime Minister should it be formalized.


Denis Ssekabira

The little known suave politician has been lined to serve as Minister in charge of Luwero Triangle. Sources say that this triangle will even encompass Busoga region which NUP thinks still requires special attention to help it

Mwaka LutukmoiHe was a strong DP stalwart who crossed to NRM and was even named Resident District Commissioner (RDC). His opposition demons however soon came calling and he reverted back to ‘factory settings’. He is being thought of to become Minister in charge of northern Uganda reconstruction should NUP win elections and even take power.


Norbert Mao

Part of the government for national unity lot, Mao is lined to be Minister for Science and Technology.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat

The trained civil engineer was an effective member of the physical infrastructure committee of parliament. It is for this reason that he is lined to become Minister for works and transport. He also serves the unity government purpose.

Mugisha Muntu

He is lined to be Minister for Internal Affairs for purposes of achieving a unity government as well as his proven credentials as a lawyer and long serving security chief.

Francis Butebi Zaake

Should NUP take power, Zaake is lined to be Minister for youth and talent.

Medard Sseggona

A famed lawyer, Sseggona is lined to be minister for justice and constitutional affairs.

David Lewis Rubongoya

He is a law don who is thought to have inspired Bobi Wine to study law. He is lined for Minister for Energy and Minerals. This is because his law background is vital for the nascent oil sector that is heavily dependent on signing contracts and related documents.

Shamim Malende

She is slated to serve as Minister for public service as Bobi Wine seeks to inject youthfulness in this sector.

Kaps Fungaroo:

His position is not yet known but he is considered for appointment.

Dr. Charles Ayume Minister for health

Bobi wants him because he is considered a friendly force for change by NUP and opposition. Our source noted that although NRM recently came up to dismiss his endorsement by BOBI Wine, NUP knows where Ayume’s spirit lies. It is for this reason that NUP has not lost interest in him.

Kassiano WadriA

Retired commissioner in the Ministry of Gender, Kassiano’s experience in this field made him be thought of to take up the post of Minister for gender should NUP take power.

Betty Nambooze Bakireke

The talkative woman served for long as an enforcement officer in Mukono local government before contesting for parliament. This experience has seen her be lined to be Minister for Local Government. Besides, she represents interests of Kizza Besigye’s People’s Government.

Nancy Kalembe

She will be included in the NUP cabinet due to her admirable boldness as the only lady in this particular race

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